Sum it Up! #8

sum it upLet’s do things differently this Sum it Up and not highlight cold cases or DNA. If you filter those out from what I read this week there are enough exciting and sometimes chilling articles and posts left to write about.

Granta’s article “A beheading” is bone chilling and an ice cold, brilliantly written account by New Fiction by Man Booker finalist Mohson Hamid.

Mohsin Hamid lives in Lahore and is the author of Moth Smoke (Granta/FSG) and The Reluctant Fundamentalist (Penguin/Harcourt), shortlisted for the Man Booker Prize 2007.”

A small quote: “I’m between two men. They’re holding me under my armpits and dragging me out the front door. I don’t know how much time has passed. It’s still night. The electricity has come back so the gate lights are on. The gatekeeper is dead. He’s an old man and he’s lying folded in on himself. His face is so thin. He looks like we’ve been starving him. I’m wondering how they killed him. I’m looking at him, looking for blood. But I don’t have enough time.”

If you wish to talk skeletons and crime scene investigations all day you have to be at the Smithsonian Forensics All-Day Seminar, Saturday, April 16 from 10-4pm. “From the biomechanics of injuries to the unique properties of a cadaver and the latest tools to determine time since death, there are many ways to decode what the dead tell us.”

The seminar will be at S. Dillon Ripley Center on 1100 Jefferson Drive, SW, Washington DC. If you take the metro, use the Smithsonian Mall Exit (Blue/Orange line).

The Innocence Project brings the great news that “The Pennsylvania Supreme Court ruled earlier this week that the fact that a person has confessed to a crime does not bar him or her from seeking post conviction DNA testing.”  “The court rightly recognized that innocent people often confess to crimes they don’t commit and shouldn’t be denied access to DNA testing that could prove their innocence,” said Nina Morrison, a staff attorney with the Innocence Project, which is affiliated with Cardozo School of Law.”

Brian Inkster’s blog The Time Blawg is new but already in the midst of things. From IT predictions to the great discussion on the Dailies and Twitteratigate, Brian now highlights Lex 2011 and the #lex2011Tweetup. If you are in London March 16 than the All Bar One is the place to be!

Drew over at the Diary of a Pt LL.B Student talks about several ways to memorize things such as numbers and cases. It reminded me of a Red Dwarf episode where Rimmer writes all kinds of useless information on his body right before taking a test!

Huma Rashid  alerted me to the best online bookstore and really, thanks, Huma! I will gladly switch and start my online book buying sprees there! We are of course talking about Better World Books. I quote Huma: “They ship super quickly and have great prices, but the best part is that a portion of the proceeds go to fund libraries and literacy initiatives worldwide. Plus, they reuse/recycle books and their packaging is all 100% recycled post-consumer product. Also? They ship free. YEAH, IT’S LIKE THAT.” Please read that post because you do not want to miss the email they sent Huma!

Last but not least, #cclivechat was a great success. You can read the recap including the verbatim thread here. Join us next time, March 4 between noon-1pm for more information exchanges and set up collaborations informally! You’d be surprised who is on Twitter!

Till the next Sum it Up!