WANTED: a PI, a media consultant, and a profiler!

WANTED: a PI, a media consultant, and a profiler! I have two cases where the key players have asked for help. Both cases are cold. One case involves a child, the other case involves a married couple.

In neither case is there a budget! You will be doing this because you believe in the pursuit of justice for all victims of unsolved homicides.

What do we need? We need qualified people with time and patience.

In the cold case of the child: a PI willing to assist the current PI by brainstorming over the case as it unfolded to see whether any steps were missed and to explore a new strategy. In the same case, a media consultant could help generate publicity. The homicide of this child was preventable.

In the case of the married couple: a profiler is needed to assess the character of the killer or killers. The bodies of the man and the woman were dragged over quite a distance and were then transported. The bodies were well hidden and were not found for a couple of months. This delay hindered the police in properly assessing the cause of death, what weapon might have been used, forming multiple scenarios of how the murders were carried out, what type of killer(s) to look for and, of course, what the motive could have been. In this case, we prefer a profiler from either Europe, the United States or Canada to avoid any affiliation with the current investigating police department. 

If you are interested in helping, please contact me and I will get you in touch with the key players in these cases. If you do contact me, I assume that you give me permission to forward your contact details.

Thank you for helping these victims!

UPDATE Oct 11, 2012: We have PIs and profilers connected! Thank you to everyone!!!