Vidocq presents Laura Madison!

Allow me to introduce you to a Canuckistani winter dwellin’ digital Criminologist Laura Madison who tweets as Org9.

1: What is your most favourite part of the day?

Early Evening

2: What is the worst kind of person you ever sat next to on a flight?

Snot inspector who then ate his captives…

3: Were you ever in a situation where you came up short with a good come back? You can give it now!

Bite me!

4: Which trials/cases still haunts you till today?

Christine Jessop case in Queensville Ontario, Canada, see here:

5: If you have a blog, how did you get started? Who or what inspired you to blog?

Christa M Miller inspired me to blog.

6: If you could trade places with a cartoon character for one day…who would that be?

Taz the Spaz (of course)

7: Tell us about your most embarrassing experiences in a restaurant, opening a bottle of wine, or do-it-yourself projects. Pick one and tell all!

T’was drunk and drank the water from the finger bowl … ya you know, lemon soup…