Vidocq presents Dominic d’Souza!

Meet Dominic d’Souza, my nocturnal friend. Dominic is a specialist defense practitioner often instructed on very high profile cases in the UK. He has extensive experience in Business Crime with complex fraud, insider dealing, mortgage and VAT fraud. Dominic also specializes in Confiscation cases brought by the Assets Recovery Agency under the new legislation.

Dominic d’Souza speaks fluent Cantonese and conversational French. He loves to amuse his dogs with some guitar playing, escapes to a warmer climate whenever he can, and has an active following on Twitter!

For DCC, he answered these questions:

1: What is your most favourite part of the day?

The witching hour.

2: What is the worst kind of person you ever sat next to on a flight?

The type who valiantly refuses to concede defeat in an attempt to engage me in conversation.

3: Were you ever in a situation where you came up short with a good come back? You can give it now!

As things stand I have happily never been short of words when it comes to critical retorts. Fingers crossed the status quo is retained!

4: Which trial/case still haunts you till today?

After 18 years of practice there are a number of cases that haunt me but I still fundamentally believe in the system. I have to as I work in it and to think otherwise is the road to madness!

5: If you have a blog, how did you get started? Who or what inspired you to blog?

Dom is too modest to tell so Vidster is actually answering this question. Yes, Dom has a blog and he has made a great start. Unfortunately, with the case overload he has not been able to post lately but if we all bother him on Twitter, I bet he will pick it up again. Right, Dom?

6: Did you end up in the profession of your childhood dreams?

My childhood dream was to be an actor but my father would not pay for a college course in this field so I slipped into law by default. I guess it’s just luck I am so good at what I do as it was never part of some grand design.

7: Tell us about your most embarrassing experiences in a restaurant, opening a bottle of wine, or do-it-yourself projects. Pick one and
tell all!

I once got caught in flagrante in the baby changing room at Nobu.  Not quite Boris Becker, but then … I am not Boris Becker!