Update re Patty Vaughan

Patty Vaughan

Patty Vaughan

Update re Patty Vaughan missing since Christmas Eve 1996 but presumed dead: police are digging in Adkins, Wilson County, TX.

From San Antonio News:This is the one place Patty Vaughan‘s family says was never fully searched since she disappeared, her home. The Texas Rangers are in charge of the dig but we have seen some people wearing FBI jackets.

For now the work seems to have stopped.  But there is a Wilson County deputy here guarding the site.”


On Dec. 25, 1996, Patty Vaughan disappeared from her home and has never seen again. She is presumed dead.

Patty’s blue 1991 Dodge Caravan was discovered on December 26, 1996, one day after she was last seen. It was abandoned on the shoulder of Loop 1604, just west of Highway 37 in South Bexar County, with the driver’s side front tire deflated.

On May 15, 2008, after Bexar County investigators had taken over the cold case, they decided to investigate a pile of clothes found inside Patty’s caravan. They found a red workman’s jumpsuit inside a pile of men’s clothing on which Vaughan’s blood was found back in 1996.

Jumpsuit Patty Vaughan Case

Jumpsuit Patty Vaughan Case

What jumped out is that this jumpsuit seemed to be a worker… automotive repair or plumbing,” Officer Ramirez said. Of course, that pile of clothing should have been scrutinized long before these officers decided to take over the case and it makes you wonder what else was in the caravan …

In Oct 2013, the Texas Bexar County Cold Case Unit was disbanded and it is a set back for the families of Patty Vaughan and Tracy Allen.

Tracy Allen

Tracy Allen

In 1986, Tracy Allen (18) was found dead in Hondo Creek, Texas. Cause of death: strangulation. She disappeared after September 9 and was found on September 13, 1986.

Whoever did this to Tracy knew the area very well. Aside form a few newspaper articles and my post, Tracy’s case does not have a lot of media presence. If you have any links, memories, or pictures from Tracy please contact me. She deserves to be remembered even if her case is not solved yet.

I will post updates as soon as possible.

UPDATE re PATTY VAUGHAN: police have stopped digging and nothing was found.

From Fox San Antonio: “The Texas Rangers with the help of the FBI, Bexar and Wilson County Sheriff’s Office searched in several areas since Monday. Barb Kinsey, Vaughan’s cousin who has led the search since she disappeared, says nothing was found.


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