Update Marianne Vaatstra

Update Marianne Vaatstra. According to Marianne’s father, his daughter did not know the man, Jasper S., whose DNA matched the biological materials left on Marianne’s body. He doubted that they knew each other especially if you consider the age differences. Marianne’s father did know Jasper’s children as they went to school with his.

Another detail that appeared in the Dutch papers is that the Playboy lighter had been for sale in the area hinting again at a local person.

Police is still investigating and are currently searching Jasper’s house. Since the investigation is ongoing, no details about what they found so far have been released. The prosecution’s office does not want to state whether Jasper S. made any comments or statements at all.

Known is that Jasper S. will be defended by the lawyer Jan Vlugh and that the arraignment will take place this Thursday.

To be continued!

Hat tip to W.