Thomas’ brother supports Rochelle Crewe’s request

Jeanette and Harvey Crewe

Thomas’ brother supports Rochelle Crewe’s request. Not only Arthur Allen Thomas’ ex-wife asks for a re-investigation: joining them is Thomas’ brother Des Thomas. All support Rochelle Crewe’s request to re-open the case and questioned why police who fabricated evidence against Thomas were never charged.

Police Commissioner Howard Broad signalled yesterday he would consider reopening the case.

Ms Crewe said the catalyst for her request was reading Arthur Allan Thomas: The Inside Story, written by Ian Wishart. The book points to evidence that one of the investigating officers, Detective Len Johnston, could have murdered the Crewes in their Pukekawa farmhouse.

Her request, after 40 years of silence, follows that of Vivien Harrison, former wife of Arthur Thomas, who finally spoke out about the case in July.

Taupo journalist Chris Birt spent 40 years researching the Crewe murders and wrote a book on the case. “What’s interesting is that in recent years the police have announced that they are going to actively investigate cold cases, but they’ve never shown any real interest in re-investigating the Crewe case,” he said.

Police have never refuted Mr Birt’s book, and its conclusion “based on information from police files” is that Len Demler killed his daughter and son-in-law. Mr Demler died a couple of years before The Final Chapter was published.

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