The End of Year One

As the minutes of Year One tick away, we must plan for Year Two. One thing is for sure: the blawg DCC will remain on the web! It may change theme, layout, or category order in the coming months but it is here to stay. Frankly, I cannot imagine my days without it anymore.

For years, all materials that I collected about cold cases were stuffed in binders, file folders, boxes, and even suitcases. Now, case by case they appear on the web. While in my possession, few people got to see the cases but now they are in the open in hopes that we find answers. Finally posting the cases on the web has also led to new connections and collaborations. You will see more of that in Year Two.

The enormous growth of the blawg has given DCC a presence on the web that I did not expect. Due to that presence, people from different countries have been able to find me. People who needed to get messages out, people who wanted to have their loved one’s cases finally on the Internet and, police officers looking for new ways to handle their cold cases. You will see a lot more of that in Year Two as well.

As my minutes of Year One draw to a close, I wish to leave you with a few links:

  • The Harris County Sheriff’s Office’s Cold Case Squad is seeking public assistance in identifying the killer of Maxine “Judy” Patton who was found dead on Thanksgiving Day, November 25, 1980. Please click here for her story.
  • While following new leads on a cold case double-murder, Jefferson County (Washington) detectives have stumbled onto what they believe are the remains of yet another unsolved homicide. Police were hoping that charred bones found on Protection Island years ago might be tied to the missing Port Townsend mom Althea and her son Jeffrey Blankenship. The duo disappeared in March of 1973. Now they think the bones might be from someone else. Please click here for their story.
  • Last, a disturbing article in the Chicago tribune about evidence lost or thrown out in the state of Wisconsin. The paper reports that at least four of 10 older, unsolved murder cases being investigated by the Dane County Sheriff’s Office, the Madison Police Department, and the University of Wisconsin Police Department have been compromised by the mishandling of evidence. Please click here for that story.

Year Two will bring you changes but one thing will always remain the same: my dedication to victims of unsolved homicides and my determination to make sure that they will not be forgotten!

Thank you for a fantastic first year.

Let Year Two begin!