The case of Eddie Gilfoyle

Eddie GilfoyleThe case of Eddie Gilfoyle is anything but straightforward or clear cut.

His pregnant wife’s estimated time of dead occurred hours before she was found. In that time period, Eddie was at work.

Paula was portrait as a happily expecting first time mom while she had a history of a suicide attempt and on no less than two occasions put in writing that her husband was not the child’s father.

According to the information in the booklet (see below), Paula’s father returned home later than usual the evening his daughter was found hanging. If this was not an essential detail, why is it mentioned in the booklet?

Paula’s body was taken down from the beam without being photographed and the removal violated police procedure. There do not appear to be any photographs of the crime scene.

Eddie and family were allowed to leave the house without having signed any statements.

Building materials outside the garage were not secured so any chances of finding foot prints, tire prints, discarded debris etc. vanished overnight.

Only after more searches, another noose was found and it was labelled “the practise noose” that Eddie supposedly forgot in a drawer.

wedding picture Paula & EddieTo make matters worse, after decades Eddie‘s lawyer digs into police evidence and finds a box that contains Paula’s diary. It tells a story of a troubled lady who remained friends with a former fiancee convicted for a rape-murder. She even picked up his bloody pants from the police station. Paula had another fiancee in her life who threatened suicide and most tellingly, she kept his suicide note. It matches strings of words she used in her partially written note.

Interested in this UK miscarriage of justice?

Is Eddie a murderer or did Paula commit suicide?

Make up your own mind and follow the case. Eddie’s support website is here. In the left margin is the free pdf version of a booklet recently released to detail the case. It holds former police notes never released and far more details than I just listed above.

This is case to watch.