Have you seen Christopher Zahl?

Christopher “Chris” Allen Zahl (Jan 11, 1951 – ?) was last seen alive on May 12, 1994, in Holmdel, Monmouth County, New Jersey, 07094.  He was 43 years old. Chris is a tall white man with brown hair and blue eyes. He has a scar on his right knee. His disappearance is suspect and NamUs […]

Missing: Stephen Scott Hammerle

Stephen Scott Hammerle a.k.a. “Stevie” or “Steve” or “Stephen Faircloth” was born on August 18, 1955. He went missing on August 22, 1981. He was just 26 years old. Stephen is a tall white male, approx. 5’8″ and weighs between 160-170lbs. He is paralyzed from the waist down due to injuries from an accident. I have not […]

Frances Blanche Hayes Groves

Frances Blanche Hayes Groves’ (April 20, 1915 – 1954) is a missing person’s case from 1954. There is nothing online that explains the entire case let alone the police investigation. The resources that I have used are below. UPDATE: I have been in touch with Frances’ family and some alert readers and will be adding new […]

Case of the Month: Iwona Mogila-Lisowska

Case of the Month: Iwona Mogila-Lisowska hardly has a web presence and if there is any information, it is in Polish. I found an October 2015 article in Polish in which her father Adam Puzio was interviewed. I used Google translate. It gave me the gist of the article but some details were not well translated. […]

The Cold Case of Eleanor C. Parker

The Cold Case of Eleanor C. Parker (December 6, 1962 – ?) is in need of more attention. Eleanor Parker (18) graduated from Lee High School, had moved into an apartment with three other (female) roommates, and planned to attend Louisiana State University (LSU). She was last seen at her parents’ house on November 10th, […]

Located in Canada: Johanna de Haas

Located in Canada: Johanna de Haas who was also known as Zwarte Jopie. Johanna’s full name was Johanna “Jopie” Atalia Gersina de Haas. Dutch police spoke at a conference with Canadian colleagues about Johanna. The Canadians found her in the Vancouver Island registers as passed away naturally September 12, 2010, at the age of 74. Apparently, Johanna […]

Missing: Johanna “Jopie” Atalia Gersina de Haas

Missing: Johanna “Jopie” Atalia Gersina de Haas from Amsterdam, the Netherlands. She was last seen on February 8, 1960, Amsterdam, the Netherlands. And then she vanished. Her family is still looking for her. UPDATE Feb 13, 2015: I spoke to the Dutch National Police this morning. The DNA results from the 1996 Fairfax County Jane Doe […]