Missing: Johanna “Jopie” Atalia Gersina de Haas

Missing: Johanna “Jopie” Atalia Gersina de Haas from Amsterdam, the Netherlands. She was last seen on February 8, 1960, Amsterdam, the Netherlands. And then she vanished. Her family is still looking for her. UPDATE Feb 13, 2015: I spoke to the Dutch National Police this morning. The DNA results from the 1996 Fairfax County Jane Doe […]

New developments in the cold case of the missing Beaumont Children

New developments in the cold case of the missing Beaumont Children. There is a new book out entitled “The Satin Man.” This book, written by Alan Whiticker explores the possibility that the Beaumont Children were at one point near a man with an alleged sinister background. One of the sons of South Australian captain of industry Harry […]

Book Review: A Case for Solomon

Book Review: A Case for Solomon. A book about Bobby Dunbar and “the kidnapping that haunted a nation.” This book by Tal McThenia and Margaret Dunbar Cutright came out in 2012 and there are many reviews of this book online. Why add mine? I have mixed feelings about this book. A lot of people said this book centered […]

Updated information about Danny Goldman

Updated information about Danny Goldman: Paul Novack alerted me that the site has been updated. I like to draw your attention to some important official documents. I quote: “In 1968 and 1972, statements were made that implicate who was involved and what was done. Danny was murdered on Miami Beach shortly after his abduction from Surfside, and his […]

Waldo Rape convictions upheld

Waldo Rape convictions upheld: Bernard Jacksons‘ convictions and life sentences for the 1983-1984 assaults has been upheld by the Missouri Court of Appeals. Jackson is awaiting trial for the 2009-2010 assaults. That trial is scheduled for Januari 2014.

Beyond the Man in the Iron Mask

Beyond the Man in the Iron Mask: by request, I post all three parts that I wrote as guest posts for other bloggers here for readability. ___________________________________ I like to read about old unsolved cases. We usually refer to them as historical mysteries. One of them is the story of the unknown prisoner or the man […]

Guilty verdict re John Sohus for Gerhartsreiter

Guilty verdict re John Sohus for Gerhartsreiter. His sentencing is scheduled for June 28, 2013. He faces 25 years to life in prison for the murder conviction, plus two additional years because the jury also found that he personally used a blunt object and a sharp instrument as weapons. It was not a death penalty […]