Sum it Up #30

A great morning to write a Sum it Up, drinking drinking coffee, and making my round around the blogs. It is great to see people blogging. But before we get to the blogs, we must first pause.

The mother of Suzie Lamplugh has passed away. She fought hard after Suzie disappeared to find her daughter and to get answers to the many questions. Alas she passed away without ever getting any true answers.

Rest in Peace, Mrs. Lamplugh.

Now on to the blogs …

We must first start with the fantastic news that the Utterant is back on Twitter and is also blogging again. I cannot wait to see more cartoons. Welcome back, Uttie!

Joe Giacalone posts that “the National Institute of Justice (NIJ) released the 2011 Fingerprint Sourcebook. It provides the history of fingerprints, types of fingerprints and how the Automated Fingerprint Identification System Works (AFIS) under the FBI.” You can download the entire book here. It has a chapter on latent print development, equipment, and more!

Scott Dickson over at the Crime Analyst’s Blog posted the cold case of Shellie Latham. Shellie Latham was murdered in 1989. The arrest is the result of DNA but police will not comment any further. Police did state that scientific evidence led to the charging of Samuel Baker, one of the original suspects, by the Bell County District Attorney’s Office.

The team from Crime Kittehs would like you to take a look at a cold case from 1980. On October 5 of that year, a young lady was found off Rt. 146 and west of Arroyo Grande, Clark County, Nevada. Despite the fact that authorities have her DNA and dental records on file, she remains unidentified.

Before you click, a word of caution: the post includes a photograph of the lady after she arrived in the morgue.

If you recognize this lady please contact the Office of the Clark County Coroner/Medical Examiner at (702) 455-6649 of email them at Her case number is #80-1221. And, if you scroll down on their blog, you will find this cold surprise in the right margin! Thanks, Det. Kitowicz!

The Denver Post’s Blog on Cold Cases draws attention to the case of Patricia Grimberg who was murdered in 1980. Patricia was found by her teenage daughter. She had been shot four times. “Denver police spokesman Sonny Jackson said the department’s cold case unit investigated the case recently. Again there was insufficient evidence to charge anyone. The case will never close until it is solved, he said.” Should you have any information about this case please contact the Denver Police Department at 720.913.2000.

The Writer’s Forensic Blog explains what “death by octopus” is. I bet you did not know some of the details posted there!

Richard Case‘s blog details the 2012 International Fingerprint week! “The dates for International Fingerprint Week would be April 16th-20th 2012, which is the week immediately after the holding of The Fingerprint Society Annual Conference that is being held in Swanwick, Derbyshire, UK, allowing us to host an official launch.” I hope that one of the organizers will get some people to blog and tweet about this.

If your work routine includes putting your feet up on your desk you better not work in a prison setting. Prisons Journals,  a blog by David Russell, explains to you in detail what the consequences of complacency are in a correctional facility.

If you have never been part of a virtual book blog tour than check out what the Writing Pis are doing! To promote their book “How to write a Dick” they are touring a variety of blogs. On each blog a special story will feature about their work and the book. Their schedule is on their website in the left margin. They visited both Joe and me during the tour.

Last but not least, my friends over at Popehat are giving me some food for thought. In their post “Asshole Spammer Lawyer Friday” they explain in detail how law firms have been spamming their site. That made me reflect on mine.

Every day I have to delete spam. Links come in from plummers, furniture builders, debt-mortgage-finance institutions, and more. They usually all use the same dumb line: “And here we’d like to draw your attention to some blogs we like. Although the news in the post in not breaking, they are worth mentioning.” Give me a break.

I might just follow Popehat’s example and expose you all. The flip side is, of course, that then your name IS mentioned on DCC. Since that is something you spammers want but I don’t, I’ll probably stick to deleting. However, I reserve the right to expose you for the spammers you are, at any time, in my sole discretion!

Last but not least, Ollie over at Diet Justice has just given me an award: the very first DJ “I’m watching you” award goes to Vidster! Now if you all will excuse, I have to start working on my acceptance speech!