R.I.P. Phillip Finch 1948-2012

R.I.P. Phillip Finch 1948-2012: I just heard that a friend and a fierce supporter in the fight to get justice for William Thomas Zeigler, passed away.

Phillip Finch died at the age of 63 after losing the battle to cancer.

An accomplished author, Phil published some books based on true stories. One of them was of course “Fatal Flaw.” In that book he described the Zeigler case and what he had been able to put together. His analysis was razor sharp and undermined the state’s theory completely. Phil was so dedicated to that case that he made the book available for free on the Internet via his website.

During the years, Phil helped brainstorm about the case and generously allowed me to quote at any length I wanted, anywhere. Even though he was not actively involved in the Zeigler case the last few years, he supported anyone who asked for his help.

Phil read my crime scene analysis before it was posted, encouraged me to continue, emailed me documents I did not have and always exchanged information.

We lost a rock solid friend.

My deepest sympathy to the Finch family.

Rest in peace, Phil. I will miss you.



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