Petition for Zeigler

On behalf of Mr. McEachern, I post his message:

I hope some of you will find the time to watch the poem I wrote about the Tommy Zeigler case. Tommy has been on Florida’s death row for almost 35 years. If so, perhaps you will also be moved to sign an online petition (if you haven’t already done so) to Florida Gov. Crist who is leaving office in January 2011. I intend to present the petition to him for a second time before then. He has said he will pardon the long dead rocker, Jim Morrison, before he leaves office.

Perhaps he will follow that hollow gesture with a more meaningful pardon since the courts are too inwardly focused to allow simple common sense to guide them.

Thanks for taking the time, Ray McEachern

Hundreds of people have already signed this petition. The main issue is not whether you are in favour or against capital punishment. The petition is not about Zeigler’s innocence or guilt.

The question the petition addresses is whether William Thomas Zeigler had a fair trial. If you need more information to make up your mind, please click here or view the posts as listed below.