Penn State remembers…Betsy Aardsma (1969)

I am very glad to report that this cold case is warming up again!

Police are waiting for DNA test results of Betsy‘s red dress, the same dress she wore the afternoon that she was killed. Betsy was stabbed in her heart and nobody heard her scream. She died on November 28, 1969.

Betsy was a lively young lady, a reader, a great cook, and a good friend. She did not use drugs, was not involved in crime or gang activity, or any other activity that might have given police ample leads. She did have many plans and most involved her boyfriend, David Wright.

David had invited her over for Thanksgiving in 1969. Betsy came but was worried all the time about the amount of studying she still had to do. She chose to leave early. David drove her to the bus station. It would be the last time he ever saw her. David was later cleared by police. Betsy’s death would ultimately lead to the creation of the Penn State Police. 

Please read more here in the Daily Collegian and make sure you check out this report by Penn State English Professor Sascha Skucek. Professor Skucek has made Betsy’s case a priority in his life. His research and digging into the case are a fascinating read and prove that yes, one person can make a difference.

 To be continued!