On this day…

I just logged out of Twitter. Amongst the abundant Fathers’ Day greetings on this terribly commercialized day, I read a lot of tweets from people who were genuinely heart broken.

Some never knew their father, some fathers are incarcerated, some had fathers who died of natural causes and some fathers were brutally murdered.

Some had fathers who are terminally ill and some have dads who are insane.

Some fathers are not accepted by their stepchildren and some fathers are being shut out of their children’s’ lives by an unjust court order. Some are searching the world for their children because they did not return home from a visit to the noncustodial parent.

I truly believe that Mothers’ day, Fathers’ day, Valentine’s Day, etc were all invented by a clever marketing brain who sold the idea to Hallmark and the like and they ran with it. And for some reason, the herds followed.

Every day should be one to be respectful and grateful for family. Every day should be one to cherish each other’s company and every day should be one to reach out. Not just on a day designated by some person or organization. Really, if you need to be reminded … what does that say about you?

As you celebrated with yours, please be considerate to those who don’t. You may think they are strange. Consider the option that they may not be boycotting Hallmark or protesting by not celebrating. They just might be heart broken…and they deserve your consideration.