On my Nook! #1

On my Nook! #1. I have become addicted to downloading books on my Nook, yes. It has made travelling light a possibility instead of a utopia! The downside is of course, that I have downloaded so many books that if I were to review all those books separately, that would be the only thing I’d be doing for the rest of the year.

So, I have decided to periodically let you know what I have downloaded and you can let me know what you think of the book in the comment section. If I get to it of course, the book will get its own review. But until then, at least it gets a mention here! I should note that I read several books at the same time depending on place, mood, etc. So yes, I am reading these! First impressions so far:

A Plunder by Pilgrims: a Garrison Gage Mystery by Jack Nolte  This could be another series I’ll be collecting. The story was short but to the point. The main character and the Chief of Police are very likable characters and I look forward to see how they develop in future books.

Vector by J.J. Brown  How blind can a young person be when in love? The tell-tale signs are on the wall. She looks but doesn’t see them. Elsa may be in for a disaster!

The Value of Life by Andy Crowson  A great find! These are not random kidnappings, they form a puzzle. They also test you as a parent: how much is your child worth if the kidnapper did not mention the exact ransom amount. Would you mortgage all you have? Ask friends and family to chip in? And, would that be enough? Whose definition of “value” is followed here?

Still Life with Murder by P.B. Ryan  I took a sneak peak here so I know the main characters live on in the series. I love the setting in this old family with old money. I bet the sons are not what they seem to be!

An East End Murder  and A Stranger in Mayfair by Charles Finch  I have read all the earlier books in this series so I am sure these will be good ones.

Road Markers by Jason McIntyre  Ever took your eyes off the road? Wondered what would happen if you hit a guard rail?

The Cordovan Vault by J. Monkeys  I got this book during one of the blog tours. Despite written for young adults, I already love the characters and cannot wait to see whether they find their older siblings! The hotel setting is fantastic and reminds me of Mediterranean architecture.

If you finished reading any of these books, let me know what you think in the comment section below!