Kathy Whorton’s case on TV March 10, 2013

kathy whortonKathy Whorton’s case on TV March 10, 2013

Great news in the cold case of Kathy Whorton: her case will be discussed by Paula Zahn.

The program is “On the Case with Paula Zahn” and it will be on the Investigation Discovery Channel (I.D. Channel). Paula’s TV schedule is here but as I post this, the last show in the schedule was dated on March 8, 2013.

Please watch especially if you are interested in the infamous serial killers Henry Lee Lucas and Ottis Elwood Toole who confessed to Kathy’s murder. Kathy’s sister, Debbie Wilson, has written a book about this case.

From Officer.com: “Kathy Whorton was the victim who was found dumped in Ouachita Parish. According to Maj. Toney, a male pubic hair and semen were recovered from the victim’s panties and clothing, but at the time the only scientific method of identification was blood typing. The examination of this evidence led investigators to believe that they were looking for a black male suspect.

Shortly after Whorton’s murder, infamous serial killers Henry Lee Lucas and Ottis Elwood Toole confessed to hundreds of similar rapes and murders across the United States. The only problem, according to Maj. Toney, then a narcotics detective, was the fact that both Lucas and Toole were white. When he learned that the detectives handling the Whorton case were entertaining the idea that Lucas and Toole were the perps, Toney reminded them that they should be looking for a black male. The detectives basically told Maj. Toney to stick with narcotics investigations, and leave homicides to them. The Whorton case was cleared based upon the confessions of Lucas and Toole.

Interestingly, Maj. Toney was not the only person that believed that there was still a killer on the loose. Kathy Whorton’s sister, Debbie Whorton Wilson, had been trying to get the case re-opened for years, always believing that her sister’s murderer was still on the loose. Her requests fell on deaf ears until October of 2003, when she connected with Maj. Toney who was then in charge of the sheriff’s detectives.

The Whorton case was re-opened.”

After you watched the show, let us know your thoughts!