John Heath’s murder trial delayed

NaMus poster of Elizabeth Heath missing since 1984John Heath’s murder trial delayed. It is now set for March 20, 2013. The CT Post writes “John Heath, the Newtown man who was charged last year with his wife’s decades-old murder, had his trial at Danbury Superior Court continued to March 20, according to the city’s state’s attorney’s office. 

His attorney, Frank O’Reilly, previously derided the prosecution’s case against his client as mere “speculation and conjecture.

” The evidence against John Heath is largely circumstantial — based on his statements to investigators and items discovered in the dry well where his wife’s skeletal remains were found in 2010 — and prosecutors have so far been unable to produce any witnesses who could testify that he committed murder.”

John Heath is accused of murdering Elizabeth Gough Heath. Elizabeth went missing in 1984. Her skeletal remains were found in 2010. She was positively identified by her dental records. Homicide was confirmed in September of 2010.

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To be continued!