Is this the car that killed Karen Caughlin?

A 1970 Plymouth Road Runner, could this be the car that killed Karen Caughlin? The paper Sarnia This Week wants to know.

Several people have wondered about this. They remembered that they used to own a car just like that. So they called Crime Stoppers and waited. When nothing happened they went to the authorities. Nothing happened.

Courtesy Heather Wright

Courtesy Heather Wright

For some reason, police is not responding. As you can see in the pictures, the car was repainted but around the bolts the original paint is clearly visible. And there is more: the original headliner and console are preserved. Now that would be gems to have in a lab and test for forensic evidence!

But nothing is happening. Kathy, Karen’s sister, wonders why. The people who reported this to police wonder why. Even the current car owner wants to know and wonders why nobody has contacted him yet.

On March 15, 1974, Karen went to school as usual. She was a ninth grade student at Sarnia Collegiate Institute and Technical School, in Sarnia, Canada. We know that Karen made after-school plans. She went to a friend’s home. Later, Karen and her friend went to the Rose Garden roller rink in Point Edward around 7pm. Karen had been with that friend the afternoon until they left for the skating rink. They had also made tentative arrangements for Karen to stay overnight.

Karen and her friend left the rink around 11pm and accepted a ride from two boys in a pick-up truck. Karen’s friend was dropped off at her home a short time later. Karen continued to drive around the area with these two boys and later picked up a third boy. The four teenagers continued to drive around the city, stopping at the A & W for a root beer, and visiting other friends (unidentified) until Karen was dropped off near her friend’s house (where she was supposed to spent the night) on Brock Street around 1am. on the 16th of March, 1974. This was the last time that we know that Karen was seen alive. DCC has a series of blog posts about this case. They are all here.

Why is there such a resistance to check up on this cold case? Just makes you wonder.


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