Introducing #copchat!

Folks, those of you who have Twitter accounts and are interested in anything law enforcement & social media, pay attention to the latest chat!

On June 27 at 9pm EST, Tim Burrows and Christa Miller launch #copchat, a weekly returning chat about police, their use of social media, cases, investigations, technology, and more.

Follow Tim and Christa for details and of course, tune in for the launch. I will be there.

We will briefly talk about #copchat this Friday at the beginning of #cclivechat and hopefully we will have Christa as a guest for our #cclivechat on June 29.

#copchat is a weekly conversation that will take place every Wednesday night starting at 9pm Eastern, on Twitter.  Each week we’ll discuss different topics from the world of policing, law enforcement and other like-minded industries as it relates to the use of social media, Internet, communications, community building, operations and investigations.

One of the major attractions of social media use by police, law enforcement and similar organizations is to engage better with the public and open the lines of communications.  #copchat can provide a relaxed and less regimented place for the public and police to interact and share with one another.  Remember what Peel said, “The people are the police and the police are the people.”

Stay tuned for more information.