Information needed on John Sweeney

John Sweeney

A request from the Rotterdam Cold Case Squad in the Netherlands in the case of John Sweeney: 

If you have any information at all about the life of John Sweeney and in particular, his travels to and in the Netherlands, please contact the Rotterdam Police.

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John Sweeney, 54, from Liverpool, was given a whole life tariff at the Old Bailey after being convicted of murdering Melissa Halstead, 33, a former model from Ohio in the US, and Paula Fields, 31, a mother-of-three living in north London.

The women’s remains were found a decade apart, and detectives fear three other women known to Sweeney may also be victims.

Sweeney, already serving a life sentence for the attempted murder of a third girlfriend whom he attacked with an axe and a knife, refused to leave his prison cell at Belmarsh prison to hear his sentence.”

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The Dutch authorities  state that Sweeney was frequently in the Netherlands. Sweeney made drawings of Melissa’s murder but in that drawing are other women as well.

Who are these other women?

The Dutch authorities wish to know whether Sweeney could be responsible for more murders in the Netherlands and wish to compare case information.

In particular, they are interested in learning the whereabouts of one of Sweeney’s former Dutch girlfriends, a woman named “Carina” who lived near Amsterdam.

If you take a look here at this web-page you will find a string of photographs Dutch authorities released in hopes it will trigger people’s memories.

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Sweeney with or without facial hair makes an enormous difference.

The Rotterdam Cold Case Squad can be contacted at +31-0900-8844.