I’m almost four, now what?

small Blogoversary iconI’m almost four, now what? My blogoversary is coming up and I have zero inspiration for an anniversary post. Maybe I do but it does not feel that way.

I have followed some blog chats on Twitter lately to get ideas. Of course, I could do a guest post but around Thanksgiving it isn’t easy to get someone to do some extra writing. I could do a podcast but about what? If you have any ideas please let me know.

And, now that we are on the sharing subject … do you use an editorial calendar? When I first heard that word I did not quite know what it was. Apparently it is a blog posting schedule that can come in many forms such as a spreadsheet or a special notebook with graph paper.

I was in Barnes & Noble yesterday so I looked into some Blogging for Dummies books. Always great to see that at least I got a few things right! Anyway, they had a few pages about editorial calendars  and I found some information in other books as well. Many bloggers seem to use it. They schedule their posts for specific dates. Some even schedule in advance what the type of post is going to be such as Tuesday is a recipe post and Thursday is a book review. Do you use such a schedule? Do you stick to it? What do you do when life interferes? Do you postpone that post, make up for it and thus post more often that particular week or, do you just drop it?

While browsing, I also found some examples of marketing calendars. Does anyone make a marketing calendar? Do you add any possible events and occasions or, only those where you have confirmed your attendance? Is it an overview of what you could do versus what you have planned to do? Questions, questions.

You see, I waltzed through almost four years of blogging without schedules and calendars. Maybe that just seem to work best for me but I admit that it can be chaotic. You turn on the computer, check your blog, and then see that your last posting date is quite some time ago. Oops! I also saw that there were weeks that you could not stop me from blogging. Can you say “overkill?”

What do you do at your blog’s blogoversary? Any special posts? Do you change the theme or the background for a day? Give me a hint. Share some of your wisdom. Plan my posts or not? Use a calendar and if so, how? I’m almost four, now what?





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