Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween! I have been tricked for the past several hours with down servers but we’re back. And do I have treats for you.

Author , artist, and retired cop Quintin Peterson has generously made a short story available for free to my blog readers.

Quintin PetersonMr. Peterson retired from the Metropolitan Police Department in April of 2010 with more than 28 years of police service. He was assigned to the Office of Public Information as a media liaison officer. He was also a liaison between the department and members of the motion picture and television industries, acting as a script consultant and technical adviser. In December of 2010, he became an employee of the Folger Shakespeare Library’s Department of Safety and Security.

The story that he made available is about death, cops, ghosts, and so much more. Leave a comment telling me what your favourite costume is. I will email you ‘Round Midnight’ in PDF format.

ebook coverFor those of you who are new to my blog, I wrote an eBook about the case of William Thomas Zeigler. It explains to you a 1975 quadruple murder that happened on Christmas Eve. I doubt Zeigler is guilty. If there is one case that has haunted me since my days at Amnesty, it is this one. The eBook can be downloaded for free here through SmashWords.

As you can imagine, murder victim family members can use help. So here is the one trick I ask from you: read & share!

By reading my cold case posts, you tell search engines that the story matters. In doing so you help to give the victim a digital footprint. In our days, having a digital footprint is crucial if you want your loved one’s case to be included in databases, locally and/or nationally. You want researchers and journalists to find your case. You want true crime bloggers to find your loved one’s story and blog about it. Every mention, every blog post enlarges the digital footprint and increases the chances that some day that victim’s story shows up in someone’s timeline … someone who holds the key to the story. That key might be a name, a memory, etc.

People move away and may never have known that a friend from the old days was murdered and that their case was never solved. But they have memories about friendships, sports teams, fights, fears, enemies, etc. People’s alliances change over the years as we mature. We are not afraid to speak our minds anymore. People divorce and loyalties are no longer in place to keep another person’s dark secrets.

The victim’s digital footprint can be made even bigger. Clicking and reading a post is a great first step. But, if you really want to make a difference, you need to share. Almost every article or blog post online has share buttons to post a link to a story on your FB wall, in your Twitter stream, on your LinkedIn activity stream, on your Google Plus site, etc. Mine are below every single post. When you share a story, search engines add even more value to that story. It was not just important to read yourself, no. It was SO important that you shared it with others.

Sharing a news article or a blog post is an easy way for everyone to contribute, to make a difference. It sends a message to family members that their loved one is not forgotten. It sends the message that finding justice, a solution, still matters.

Will you help?