How did they find me?

smileHow did they find me? I use StatCounter to see where my readers come from and what they like to read. I can see which blog pages are most popular and what kind of keyword searches brought visitors to my blog. It shows me the images that readers download, which mindmaps they liked most, etc.

It is a great tool and I highly recommend using it.

But back to the keyword searches.

Some keyword searches are right to the point and others …well, they make me smile!

Here are a few that put a smirk on my face:

  • mini richard
  • killer is dead in a steel case
  • smurfette black & white
  • newest news
  • elena ceausescu’s furs
  • book + diagram + crime scene

and finally

*drum roll*

my favourite:

defrosting in evil!

If you have a blog, check what keyword searches brought people to your site. If there are any good ones, let me know!