Do you know these five women?

Do you know these 5 women?

Do you know these 5 women?

Do you know these five women? Because if you do, the authorities can use your help.

In my last book review “Unearthing a Serial Killer” we learned that Alex Mengel had photography in his possession from these five women. He also had a Pennsylvania tourism map with marks on it (see below).

The authors, David Paul and Kevin F. McMurray, are trying to find out the identities of these five women. They are afraid that they too were victims of Alex Mengel.

So far, they have not had any luck and no law enforcement agency they contacted has indicated to have either missing person or unsolved homicide cases that match these five images.

The information about these five women comes from the book:

  1. Mengel had four wallet-size photos and one Polaroid of unidentified caucasian young women.
  2. The Pennsylvania Tourism map had a hand drawn circle around the Harrisburg area.
  3. Inside that circle were two areas indicated by an “X.”
  4. The women have been checked against reports and missing person flyers but no identifications were made.
  5. The Pennsylvania State Police does have cold cases in the Harrisburg area but none exactly in the areas indicated on Mengel’s map.
  6. The marked areas are in the middle of woods and/or fields.
  7. The marked areas are also used for hunting.
  8. According to Mengel’s associates he did use to frequent that area for hunting and for attending car auctions.
Map found in Mengel's possession

Map found in Mengel’s possession

I wish there was an easy way to check missing person databases for just images. NamUs does not allow cross-searching of the unidentified database with the missing and there is no option to search by image alone. They are currently upgrading the system so I have my fingers crossed!

In the meantime, we can help the authorities by circulating the women’s images* online. Maybe we will eventually find someone who does recognize them?

*The photography used in this post (and the book review) was given to me by the authors. The only changes I made were enlarging the headshots, separating all five images, sharpen all five images, and placing them in a different grid from the original.