Disappeared or dead: Elizabeth Ann Pfeifer

Disappeared or dead: Elizabeth Ann Pfeifer. Joe and I met Elizabeth’s sister, Laura Pfeifer Townshend on Twitter during our #CClivechat on March 3rd, 2011, and have offered to take a look at her sister’s case.

At first sight, just from reading Laura’s blog about Elizabeth, it seems to be the case of a young woman gone missing after a night of serious partying. But, that was my impression before I did some research.

I checked online on blogs, the Charley project, web sleuths and other forums for missing persons. Laura has entered Elizabeth’s information on some of those sites. Interestingly, Elizabeth’s case is not on NamUs at the time of writing. That should have been the first place to enter her information. Piecing everything together, you get a very troubled picture. Elizabeth’s is not a missing person case. I think that Elizabeth’s is a homicide case. I will try to find more information about Elizabeth Ann Pfeifer.


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