DCC’s first anniversary!

Dcc is officially one year on the Internet and that calls for a celebration! We now have 456 posts online highlighting cases of unsolved homicides, unidentified and missing people.

On a day like this and right before America celebrates Thanksgiving, it is only just to feature some words of my friends. But the first “thank you” must be reserved for my tech man, Clouseau! Thank you for your patience, your services, and for keeping this site running!

Big thanks to Norm Pattis for making an exception. Thanks to Scott Dickson over at the Crime Analyst’s Blog for the anniversary wishes. Also, thanks to everyone who emailed and sent comments:

Thank you for helping to shine the light on the injustice perpetrated on FL death row inmate Tommy Zeigler 34 years ago. I am extremely grateful for your careful investigation and diligent reporting of the true facts in this tragic case.” 

Gail Anderson, journalist-USA

Voltaire said, “We owe respect to the living. To the dead we owe only truth,” and that is exactly what DefrostingColdCases.com has done.  Long after the media fades away and the police move on to other cases, the family is left to sit and wonder, “What happened?”  DCC keeps the victims in the spotlight and hopes to provide the necessary coverage that may spark a memory, or hit on “guilt” of knowledge not shared long ago.  It is for these instances that DCC presses on and attempts to provide this public service for the families and the closure they so desperately seek.”

Joseph L. Giacalone
Det. Sergeant and Commanding Officer of the Bronx Cold Case Homicide Squad-USA

I want to thank you for starting DefrostingColdCases.com.

This is truly a wonderful outlet to expose misconduct and injustice. It is the sterling avenue for truth and integrity. May God continue to guide you in your quest for justice and truth!

I also want to congratulate DefrostingColdCases.com on its first anniversary.

May it continue to stand as a bastion for truth and justice forever. You have lifted the spirits and hopes of many who were denied truth and justice and thought life had become a dark tunnel with no light at the end. May your stalwart fight continue to be the standard by which all receive truth and justice!

Thank you for keeping hope alive. May God bless you and yours and keep you in his loving care.”

Sincerely, Tommy Zeigler
Death Row, Florida-USA

Vidocq and I found each other on Twitter, and ever since I have been in awe of the hard work, passion and dedication he has for the work he does. There is no fame or fortune that comes from it, just the pure satisfaction that justice might be done, and the possibility that freedom could be afforded to those who deserve it, or where it is too late for that, a history might be corrected.

It is the intrigue of the real life stories, the successes and the fact that Vidocq works tirelessly through what must be a mountain of information, which distinguishes Vidocq from the average blogger.  He is not just a blogger but one with a purpose, trying to achieve what police departments up and down the US have been unable to, usually due to being poorly resourced. For his unending dedication to the cause, he should be congratulated on a hugely successful blog.

Happy anniversary Vidocq, may your blog continue for as long as it’s needed.”

Ausilia Matraxia

Just a quick message to tell you that I very much enjoy your blog, and especially your investigation of the Zeigler case. I wish you the very best with your work.’

Phil Finch
Author of “Fatal Flaw

Congratulations to DCC on its one-year blog anniversary. The tireless efforts of Vidocq to not only shine a light for the victims and their families in unsolved cases, but also to generate heat in bringing those responsible to justice, is inspiring.

The traditional gift is paper, so feel free to print this interview out and frame it. The modern gift is a clock, but all I can offer is some advice: tempus fugit.”

Antonin Pribetic-Canada

To take up a cause when to others there is none; to argue what to others is unarguable; to be a lone voice for a lone being…. against the condemnation of the whole…and to seek as one to change the verdict of a state (and ergo of all of us) is the most worthy cause I know. For me it is a privilege, truly a privilege, to know you. Mean it. With what I see in my job, it is people like you who reaffirm my belief in the essential goodness of the human condition.”

Dominic d’Souza
Barrister, UK

Joyeux Anniversaire DCC! I wholeheartedly encourage others to help you spread awareness and support your endeavours for justice, on behalf of the people and their families that you tirelessly dedicate your time to. I pray my small contributions may help in some way. God bless you, Vidocq.”

Evie Gordon-Longley-UK

Thank you for reading DCC and in doing so, for helping me solve unsolved homicide cases.

I raise my glass to all of you! Now…swing with me!

P.S.: feel free to comment below! Champers on me!