Here are some blogs that I read often. Note that this is not an exhausting list. A more extensive list will be posted on Nov 24, 2016.

Blog NameLinkDescription
A Barrister's BloglinkPaul Cutler
AISOCC linkAmerican Investigative Society of Cold Cases
Bad Luck DetectivelinkSuzie Ivy
Case JacketslinkDavid Swinson
Chris GeelinkChris Gee
Defending PeoplelinkMark Bennett
Guns, Gams, and GumshoeslinkColleen Collins & Shaun Kaufman a.k.a. the Writing PIs.
Iowa Cold CaseslinkJody Ewing
Lowering the BarlinkKevin Underhill
Pope Hatlink
Prosecutor's Discretionlink
The Perfect PlotlinkJill Paterson
The Time BlawglinkBrian Inkster
True Crime ReaderlinkEmily Webb