An eBook about Zeigler

Not everyone reads blogs so in an effort to reach those who do not, I am writing an eBook about the Zeigler case.

Today, my first eBook is on sale. “Zeigler, through Vidster’s eyes” documents all the blog posts I have written about the Zeigler case. Those posts are of course, in between all my other (700+) posts. I thought that it would be a good idea to lift them out of the blog and bundle them together.

n Dec 1975, a quadruple murder took place in the Zeigler Furniture Store (Florida). The victims were Charles Mays, Virginia and Perry Edwards, and Eunice Edwards-Zeigler. The fifth victim became the sole suspect because he survived.

The case is riddled by police misconduct (lying on the stand), prosecutorial misconduct (withheld evidence), and forensic testing disproving the charges.

As you know, Mr. Zeigler has a DNA hearing coming up December 1, 2011, and I hope that by exposing his case in the eBook community, more people will be aware of this miscarriage of justice.

Take a look and let me know what you think!