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Update Hina family

against McLeod is strong enough to warrant holding him without bail. Since the case carries a potential sentence of life in prison, such proof would give McLeod reason to flee…

Hina Family Murders from 1989 cracked

what connection, if any, David McLeod had with the Hina family, New Hampshire authorities said. A retired Keene police detective said that investigators at that time believed that David McLeod

No retrial in Hina Family Murders

There will be no retrial in Hina Family Murders after the prosecution decided to not retry David McLeod for the deaths of the Hina Family in 1989. McLeod was held…

NHSC to hear David McLeod appeal

could not be called to testify at trial, McLeod’s constitutional right to confront a witness would be violated. After prosecutors file a brief with the Supreme Court, attorneys for McLeod

Hina Family Murders trial on hold

the meantime, defense attorneys for [David] McLeod have filed a motion requesting he be allowed bail while the Supreme Court considers the appeal.” McLeod is accused of setting fire to…

Update 1989 Hina Murders

M. Hina, 4 months old, and 12-year-old Sara Jean, Carl Hina’s daughter from a previous marriage.” It’s still not clear what connection, if any, David McLeod had with the Hina

Cold Case Database

…1989), their baby Lillian Marie Hina (Sept 19, 1988 – Jan 14, 1989), and Carl’s daughter Sara Jean Hina (Jan 26, 1976 – Jan 14, 1989). David McLeod was held…

Update 1989 Hina Murders

1989. Lawyers for 54-year-old David McLeod are in court challenging evidence prosecutors say shows that McLeod set the fire that killed a newlywed couple, their 4-month-old daughter and the man’s…