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Arrest in 1993 Kimberly Dunkin Case

…PORTLAND, Ore. – Brad Ballantyne (35) was arrested in Vancouver and charged in the 1993 cold case of Kimberly Dunkin. Ballantyne is accused of shooting then 30-year-old Kimberly Dunkin

Update Kimberly Dunkin

…Update Kimberly Dunkin . Brad Ballantyne, accused in the death of Kimberly Dunkin on New Year’s Day in 1993, will face a judge for the first time. Ballantyne was…

Cold Case Database

…matched Edwards’ DNA to semen on Drew’s pants. Hack’s father reported the couple missing on Aug. 10, 1980. In 2010, Edward Edwards was sentenced to life. Dunkin, Kimberly Oregon, USA…