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Trey Noah case finally going to court!

The murder case of Trey Noah (Kendalia, Texas) is finally moving closer to the court rooms. “A court date of February 15, at 9am, has been set for Shelby Moore and Brandon Harber, who are both charged with the first-degree felony murder of Trey Noah as well as tampering with physical evidence, a second-degree felony. A […]

Update Zeigler DNA hearing

The Orlando Sentinel reports that Zeigler’s lawyers, arguing for more DNA testing, asked the court for a continuance of the scheduled February 3rd hearing. A former forensic expert is no longer available. “The new expert, Timothy Palmbach, works with blood spatter evidence an does forensic analysis work. But Assistant State Attorney Jeff Ashton, another veteran […]

Conviction in Mike Silcock case

The Daily Mail Online reports that “the court heard Benson, whose criminal record read out in court ran to 13 pages, told a fellow prison inmate: ‘One down, 500 to go. I have burnt the car out. They are not getting any fingerprints on me.’ Later, he refused to co-operate with police when interviewed, instead […]

Sum it up! #4

Monsters, this Sum it Up is full of monsters. They are inside our heads, hunting us or, we are creating new ones. Monster can be found everywhere and Guantanamo Bay is no exception, just read the comments underneath the article. “New documents obtained by the American Civil Liberties Union show “unjustified homicide” of detainees and […]

Sunday laughs…

This post has absolutely nothing to do with cold cases! This is what Vidster was reading this morning! The dirty secrets of a barrister’s wig are explained in detail on Baby Barista’s blog. I could not help imagine what I’d do if I took a wig out of a box …hold it between to fingers? […]

Week 3: Sum it up!

Week 3: Sum it up! We saw a mixed bag of information this week about cold cases, DNA, forensic labs, testing and of course, funding. DNA was instrumental in cracking the 1994 throat slashing murder of Theresa Whetstone (Buffalo, NY) and the 1985 murder of Candace Derksen (Elmwood, Canada). At the same time, we see DNA backlogs […]

Update Sharron Prior

Update Sharron Prior. This case has been in the top five “best read posts” on DCC ever since it got posted in December 2010. It created discussions per email. Readers told me many interesting facts. I asked whether I could use parts of their information online. This information is not found in any of the newspaper […]