Zeigler, Part XV

Zeigler, Part XV: “Just testify that you were Zeigler’s homosexual lover and we’ll help you out!”

A Florida, Orange County woman in her 80′s, reads an affidavit that she signed alleging that the state tried to get her son to testify that he was William Thomas Zeigler’s homosexual lover. As you know, the state went through great lengths to prove that Mr. Zeigler was not just a vicious family killer but also, that he was a deprived closet homosexual. To this end, Mays’ pants were pulled down and his fly was unzipped. We know that this was not done by Zeigler because Officer Yawn wrote in his deposition that when he entered the furniture store as one of the very first on the scene, he saw Mays’ pants up at normal waist position.

The lady’s son is now deceased, but in 1976, he was a known homosexual and in jail on a child molestation charge. He was told that the molestation charge would be dropped if he would testify that he was Zeigler’s lover. If he refused, he would also be charged with murder of a woman who was raped and murdered in Orlando, in August 1975.

He refused to testify because he had never met Mr. Zeigler.

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