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I am opening this post for those of you who’d like to send a short message for the upcoming Holiday Season and the New Year to William Thomas Zeigler.

Below this post in the comment section, you can place your messages, encouragements, and best wishes. I will print the entire post and mail it to Tommy in time for the Holidays.

Cheers, Vidster

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  1. Dear Mr Zeigler,

    I wish you a very Happy Christmas from Portugal and hope that your next one will be the best of your life! I can’t imagine what you have suffered and how you have coped for the last 35 years but you must be heartened to know that there are so many people praying for you and supporting you, not least Vidster who has worked tirelessly on your behalf and who has the utmost faith in you.

    Let us hope and pray there will be good news soon.

  2. Dear Mr. Ziegler,

    Your courage and strength is an inspiration to me. Please know that you’re on many minds and in many hearts … and many hands stay busy trying to help. Although many have said that your hearing may be your last chance, I don’t believe it for a second. There are thousands of people working to make sure that there will soon no expiration date on innocence, and I don’t believe that many will accept “no” for an answer. Please stand tall and stay strong, and have the best holidays you can.

  3. Ros and Paul says:

    We have just spotted this site, Tommy – what a great way for your many supporters to encourage you! Hang in there! Hopefully good news is on its way! We are wishing you a Christmas filled with faith and hope – and all the blessings you deserve in the New Year.

    From Paul, Ros, Tim and Shannon – and your supporters in New Zealand.

    And thank you so much for your thoughtfulness Vidster…your website, support and encouragement are invaluable!

  4. Dear Tommy, (Mr Zeigler)

    I wish you all of the best. I have been following (very closely) Vidocqs’ posts re your situation and am holding out my hopes for you as are so very many of us.

    DNA is an amazing thing, that the justice system needs to aid its progress. That, coupled with the good people that do some amazing work within the justice system, will always be of benefit to society.

    Please do stay strong, as I know you must have been already for so long and of that I am in awe of.

    Vidocq is one of the best people ever and I am grateful that he has told us about you there and that we can let you know we are here, via these comments.

    I wish you a good Christmas and New Year, Tommy Zeigler.

    A prayer for the right thing to happen, for you.


  5. Mr Zeigler;

    Warm thoughts to you during this holiday season. Instead of a long message full of happy things, I thought you might prefer I write the governor and demand a review of your case. So that’s what I’m going to do, as soon as I send this.

    Stay strong. There are folks on the outside pushing for justice. You are not forgotten.


  6. catherine korfanty says:

    A piece of my heart belongs to you.

  7. Debbie Green says:

    Dear Mr Ziegler,

    My name is Debbie. I have only recently become familiar with your life and case via my friend Vidster’s writings. I cannot begin to imagine the nightmare you have been faced with each day for the past 35 some years – but my wish for the days, weeks, months and yes, years ahead are that you would finally know justice and that truth will prevail, that you may live as a free man.

    In the meantime, I wish you a happy Christmas. Please know that you are being thought of kindly, and good thoughts, wishes and prayers are whistling towards you, so expect a bombardment of Christmas cheer! I’m sending mine from Australia.

    I remain glued to my screen, awaiting with you, Vidster and all those who are working on your behalf, & those of us who simply wish for justice to be served for you.

    Your story speaks to me of hope, of strength, of courage & a never give up attitude. Kia Kaha Mr Ziegler, as we say in New Zealand, continue to stand firm and strong.

    Merry Christmas Mr Ziegler!
    Debbie Green

  8. Julie Belding says:

    Tommy, thinking of you this Christmas and praying that the Lord will surround you with his peace. May the God of justice grant you real justice this year, Tommy. You have waited long enough. Know that many friends around the world are continuing to support you.

    Blessings to you

  9. Mr. Ziegler,

    I work on the side of justice. I pray that justice prevails in your case and every Christmas wish sent to you comes true with the New Year. My Christmas wish: May freedom, joy and peace be with in the coming year!

    Suzie Ivy

  10. Gail Anderson says:


    As always, we are thinking of you this Christmas season and prayerfully looking forward to when we can share a holiday meal with you in freedom.

    Love from Ed, Gail and Ben

  11. Susanne Webster says:

    Dear Tommy,

    My Christmas wish for you is the same as it has been for the last ten years: Freedom.

    You’re a beacon of courage to everyone who knows about your case and knows how you have persevered throughout the years with courage and grace.

    Peace and love,


  12. Gail Freedman says:

    Dear Tommy,

    As ever, I think of you this holiday season and send you warmest wishes for peace and tranquility — and justice!! I hope that this site and all of the wonderful supportive comments posted here bring you comfort and faith, as hard as those must be to sustain. All blessings to you in the coming year(s). (and I still cherish all of my Tommy-crocheted items)


  13. Christine Thompson Cooper says:

    Hi Mr. Tommy,

    Thank you for your warm words of encouragement that I received from you. Your courage and strength is an inspiration. I would like to join Ms. Gail with a special dinner with you also when you are released. You have so many many people out here that care for you, and will not give up on fighting for you. I look forward to meeting you on this side.

  14. Jan Skaggs says:

    Dear Tommy,

    In the words of a great poet:

    …Okay, we both know I am not a great scholar so I cannot come up with any pretty words said by someone famous. I dearly wish I could find something to say that would make your holidays great, but I can’t possibly think how that could happen. I wish God would just throw open the prison doors and let you out with everyone’s blessings. I believe he has done that before.

    I hope that the fact that you have so many friends out here does help make Christmas and the holidays a bit brighter. I pray God gives you peace and holds you in the palm of His hand. Others may find this statement corny, but I know of all people, I can trust you to believe it is possible.

    I want you to know I still care deeply about you and your case. I am sorry to not have written in so long, but so many things have happened. It would be easier to tell you in person, so get out soon and let’s share stories.

    I need to confess that I did the one thing you told me to not do. I am sorry, but God made me do it. Not for me but for the friend. It made me more determined that the death penalty is just wrong, even for the guilty, which makes innocent cases even more important.

    Tommy, I look up to you as someone whose faith I wish I had as much. Under your circumstances you have been so strong and always so close to God. I so admire you. Again, please forgive me for the lack of letters I have sent (meaning none in a long time), and please be blessed this Christmas by your friends and their love for you, not to mention pay back for all of the blessings so many of us have received from you.

    When you get out of that place, my invitation to you made long ago still stands.

    Love and Prayers, Jan

    I also want to thank you Vidster, for this opportunity to try and “write” a wrong in finally sending Tommy a long over due message, even if it is not a full blown letter. Thanks for what you are doing. If ever I can do something, please let me know.

  15. Nancy Cato says:

    Hello Tommy

    I DO hope you don’t mind me being so familiar as to call you Tommy…but seeing as how I’m several years older than you I’m going to pull rank!

    I have become friends with Vidster on Twitter – only in the past couple of weeks, but soon enough to squeeze a birthday greeting out of him for my 72nd birthday on 3 Dec. Of course that makes me Saggitarius whatever that means. I know it’s half a horse and half a man…and that’s just half my luck!

    Anyway – to get back to the point of Vidster…I was very drawn to him from the start…and he in turn drew me in the direction of his book about you…and then it all suddenly dropped into place…and I realised that I have actually known you…well, known of you, for many years.

    What a book – I was gobsmacked by it! And what an advocate to have working with you!

    You have probably already picked up that I’m an Aussie and that is either going to make you cut and run or perhaps nod politely while you desperately try to think of anything you know about Australia apart from the kangaroos hopping down main streets and the prawns on the barbie! But a few of us are quite civilised…relatively speaking! I grew up (well my parents didn’t think I ever really grew up but that’s a matter of conjecture) in a small country town on the Murray River that divides the States of New South Wales and Victoria! And then – because basically I’m a show-off I became an actor and entered the television industry!

    But I’m now a writer (of sorts) and spend large chunks of time reading! Do you have a favourite author?

    I’m burbling on because I had a look at other letters you’re about to receive and without giving anything away, it seems to me that you have more than enough wonderful prayers, best wishes, Festive Season greetings and just plain good old human friendship to sustain you indefinitely, let alone Christmas!

    So I’ll take this letter slightly left (I’m left-handed which probably explains a great deal!) Actually – I’m also a metaphysician…but I don’t talk about it much because it freaks people out! I had a bad accident in the TV studio when I was 26 and ended up a paraplegic! The prognosis was that I would never walk again…but I did…and that showed me that ANYTHING is possible and that put me on an interesting path! This is why I speak so confidently to you now…I KNOW and have demonstrated… that anything is possible… and I KNOW that you and Vid will do the same!

    What else should you know…oh yes…I was born deaf…but nobody really knows because I can talk…quite a lot actually! :0D
    I guess the point is that some of us have adversity thrown in our faces while others seem to be able to skip and dodge it all their lives! The greater the adversity, the stronger we become! You have had more than your fair share – I’ve had a little bit…and then there are people like…oh I don’t know…say, Dolly Parton who seem to have escaped it entirely! (Don’t you dare laugh!)

    As a metaphysician there is much that I can do and am doing right now about your situation…but we can talk about that further if you’re interested! On a practical level I want you to shut your eyes for a moment and just hold to the fact that you are, right now, surrounded by the most powerful force known to Man. It’s called Love! Feel it – because together with your strength and Vid’s considerable intelligence, you are going to achieve great things!

    My dog Gilly knows about such things – he just put his paw up to wave to you – but I’m sorry to say that my cat Molly just put her tail in the air and walked off when I asked her to do the same! Don’t take it personally – she’s like that to everyone except the big ginger tomcat across the road!

    Vid is probably going to be quite horrified by this letter…I think he thought I would be sensible or at least make you smile a little…and here I am being every bit the Mad Hatter! But what he DOES know Tommy, is that I care like Hell about you and if you could bear it, I’d love to write to you again.

    I’ll be thinking of you right throughout the Festive Season as I know will so many others.

    Your strength is magnificent!

    All love
    Nancy (Cato)

  16. I just read Fatal Flaw by downloading the pdf file and emailing it to my Kindle. I recommend the book highly.

    I am very sorry for the loss of loved ones and the affront to justice Tom Ziegler has endured. I hope and pray that he be granted a new trial and that justice prevails.

    America, America, God mend thine every flaw…

  17. @ Nancy Cato:
    Great letter. If you want to write to Tommy directly, I’ll give you his address. My email is rmceachern001 at ampabay dot rr dot com

  18. Mary Stewart says:

    Prayerful good wishes for 2012, Tommy. Keeping you in the prayers for a positive outcome to the DNA Hearing.

    Please God, you will see justice done in 2012 – at last.

    God bless and keep you now and always.

    Mary Stewart

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