Wonderful Writers Wednesday!

RRWC Oct 16, 2013

Liminal Hall’s Stage by AdS

Wonderful Writers Wednesday! Such a wonderful experience in an unusual setting.

Last evening I was the speaker in the last of the Roanoke Writers Series. Their classes now take a break for the months of November and December. They go back in full swing in January with the Roanoke Regional Writers Conference at Hollins University.

The Roanoke Community High School is a wonderful idea. The Community High School was founded by a group of parents, many of them college professors, looking for a more creative and responsive high school environment for their own children, a school that would more thoroughly prepare them for a complete liberal arts education and for a fulfilling adulthood.

Their Liminal Hall is an alternative art space you should go and see if you are in Roanoke.   The entrance is fantastic. Beautiful hardwood floors, art everywhere, and a very spacious set up. My talk was in the dark room in the back. Well, it was dark until Dan Smith turned on the lights and then I saw that I was in a theatre (see picture). I figuratively took the stage and very soon it became clear that a Q&A set-up was a better approach than the lecture I had prepared. I’ll save it for another day though.

Showing a cold case mind map at the RRWC

Photograph Courtesy
Dan Smith 2013

Questions ranged from how I got started, what cases drew me in, who reads my blog (everyone, right?), timelines, mind maps, where the cases come from, etc. We spoke about William Thomas Zeigler and Teresa Sue Hilt, we mentioned forensics, and people’s love for mysteries. None of the people present knew what an M-Vac was so that was another great moment to introduce new technology and how it can help solve these decade old cases. It was a fast-paced two-hour conversation.

Thank you, Dan, for the opportunity. It is much appreciated. I enjoy expanding my network here and hope to see everyone who attended back in January 2014.



  1. What a great format. I would love to have heard the questions/answers. There’s always so much going on with the ‘defrostingcoldcases’ blog, I can easily spend a day or more if I visit every highlighted article and the hidden information within each one.

    This is a blog I’ve followed with great interest as I’ve watched it grow and develop. When I’m finally pulled away from the computer to do other work, I’m able to easily return to my reading of it on my iPad.

    Keep up the great job.

  2. Sheri,

    Somehow you always make me blush … thank you for the compliment. It was a great evening. The planned lecture went out the window and we had a terrific conversation about blogging, cold cases, readers, books, and so much more.

    All the compliments about the blog are for Jacques, my webmaster. He built this blog, maintains it, and keeps it running smoothly. The previous two themes were beautiful but they were not responsive. This one is so now readers can check in on iPads, eReaders, any mobile phone, any tablet, etc. It is fantastic.

    I hope you are doing well and look forward to see you later on Twitter!

    Cheers, Alice

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