William Thomas Zeigler

As mentioned before on DCC and on Twitter, I am currently taking another look into the case of Mr. Zeigler, on death row in Florida, USA.

His case has such a complexity that it is absolutely impossible to cover the entire case in one average-sized post. The other option is to write a book. However, others have already done that and far better than I could ever do. So, I am going for the last option which is to dissect the case in small portions that fit in the general theme of DCC: forensics, missing puzzle pieces, exposing prosecutorial and police misconduct, exposing miscarriage of justice and exploring alternative explanations for the facts.

The case will be uploaded in parts. As of now, I cannot estimate how many parts there will be. What I can do is to make sure that the series is recognizable to the reader. All posts will simply be called “Zeigler” with the number part behind it.

At the bottom of each post will be a section with related articles or posts. I encourage you to also check the right margin under “last modified posts” where you can keep track of anything I might have changed in the Zeigler series. If so, those posts will pop up there out of order.

Thank you for your support of DCC!

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  1. I am a friend and correspondent of Tommy’s and continue to be devastated that this gentle man has remained on Death Row for 34 years, in virtual solitary confinement.

    It was an absurd scenario: seven guns were used in the massacre of Tommy’s family and a customer Christmas Eve 1975, and yet almost immediately the police decided that critically-injured Tommy was the sole culprit! He had simply no reason to kill his loving wife and in-laws. But his support of a black friend at a trial months earlier could certainly be the reason for some in that racially-motivated community to target him.

    The prejudiced judge, Maurice Paul, was heard before the trial to vow: ‘I’ll fry the son-of-a-bitch.’ So much for impartiality. I pray that Vidocq can do something to free this man!

  2. And I will definitely try. As you know, there is a lot to read and cover so it will be a slow process as I indicated in the previous posts about Tommy. It will be a series that can be easily found by checking the categories in the right margin.

    My hopes are to highlight some issue here at DCC that will expose the miscarriage of justice. It will also serve to educate the younger generation who did not grow up with Tommy’s case. His case is a poster child for how not to handle a crime scene and a lesson in weighing trial strategies. As well as the first lawyers meant, some mistakes in trial strategy came back to haunt them.

    Please feel free to send me information you feel must be posted here. Should you visit/contact Tommy anytime soon, tell him he is not forgotten.

    Thank you for visiting DCC and please do check back in.
    Yours, Vidocq

  3. Jen Carter says:

    There is so much prejudice on the part of Judge Paul- are you familiar with the case of India and David Norman in Gainesville? That is an interesting one to look into as well- they are my aunt and uncle. Judge Paul needs to be removed from the bench!

  4. Vidocq says:

    Hi Jen,

    Thanks for stopping by and commenting. I do not know your family’s case but other people have been telling me about other cases. Not sure what the remedy is though.

    Best, V

  5. steve purington says:

    @ Vidocq:
    after reading fatal flaw….i hope they fry the sob…hes quilty

  6. Mr. Purington, could you elaborate on exactly what part of “Fatal Flaw” convinced you of Mr. Zeigler’s guilt?

  7. Just noticed Mr Purington’s measured analysis of Fatal Flaw. I too would be interested in reading further comments from him. I fear perhaps he only read the first half of the book and decided that enough was enough before reading the Defense side. That’s what one of the jurors did, reached his conclusions two weeks before the trial finished, sat back and did not budge from his opinion.

    Very dangerous approach, I think.

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