Update Jimmy Stanaway

Jimmy’s family has sent me a picture that I may use on my blog.

Picture of brother & sister: Jimmy Stanaway with his sister Donna


It is a lovely picture of brother and sister: Jimmy & Donna.

Thank you for sharing, V


  1. Dana Kovacs Calabrese says:

    April, thank you so much for still caring about Jimmy. It has been such a long time since he was taken from all who loved him. If you do not mind me asking how did you know Jimmy. Friends at school, etc? I’m just trying to connect everyone to him. I also want you to know that we are hoping for more answers in regards to Jimmy’s case and that we are still pursuing answers.

  2. Dana Kovacs Calabrese says:

    @Donna: great picture!!

  3. April Reynolds says:

    Hi Dana,
    Jimmy and i were friends from school, we were pretty much best friends through all of middle/high school. Thats me in the picture with him in the card he gave to me if you saw it. Are you his sister? I remember Darlene, and there was another sister which i think is you, and then a little half sister i think, that he doted on. He always talked about how much he loved her. I dont think i remember her name, i want to say Missy or Melissa maybe? His mom was remarried to Al Sharie, and his daughter was my next door neighbor where i grew up, she still is actually, my mom still lives there, in Sewaren. Jimmy was great, and i can honestly say I am a better person for having known him. I could never forget him, i still love him very much. I had a dream after his death, he came to me in the dream and said ‘the asian man did it’. Little did i know at the time there was a heavy population of asians in his neighborhood, i didnt find that at until long after that dream and i always wonder about it. I am a licensed Private Investigator now, for the last 16 years. I wanted to work on his case, but i could not bring myself to look at the file. The firm I later worked for, said they worked on the case, and did not find anything more out. I hope the coldcase unit is still looking at it. I will always visit his grave as long as i live here, and he will never be forgotten.

  4. April, I am actually Jimmy’s niece Darlene’s daughter. We contacted Hudson county and they said the case is open but that’s about it. We are trying to get to the end of this. I wish the person looking into this case had passion like I know you would have to solve it. We just want closure and actually deserve closure. Thank you for continuing to be a great friend of Jimmy’s. Please feel free to leave as many messages on here for us to communicate.

  5. during investigation a guy that said he was never in Jimmy’s house however, I believe DNA found belong to this person. but timing cannot be proven? not good enough for me. I think the DA should probably get involved with this case and will eventually. Hudson county Prosecutor laughs at me, has hung up on me, and will not return my calls.

    RIP Jimmy
    Your Sister,

  6. April Reynoldsa says:

    I can ask if I can review the file, don’t know if they (homicide/prosecutor) will let me. I may have to say the family hired me as a PI, they may then let me review the file in their presence. I can try.


  7. Dana Kovacs says:

    @ April Reynoldsa:
    All help is appreciated

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