Laura Henderson-Ibach: Mac’s van

One of the issues in the Laura Henderson-Ibach case has been Mac’s van. Did a live or death struggle take place here or not?

As you have been able to read in our post, the van doubled as a temporary home to Jim Kerwin.

Please take a look at these pictures. They were taken before police started processing the interior. These pictures represent what the interior of the van looked like when the vehicle was seized in the early morning hours after Laura disappeared. 

To quote Andy Klamser: “Photographs of the interior of Mac’s van, as it appeared when the van was impounded in the early morning hours, show that someone was living out of the van. There was clothing neatly hanging on hangers at the back. Coffee cups on boxes. Things stacked near a makeshift bed. Nothing out of order. No sign of a life and death struggle.

The interior of the van was meticulously searched several times, right down to the metal floor (everything was removed). Not a trace of blood was ever found.”

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  1. Thank you Andy and Vidocq for adding these photos. I think it is easy to see that not only did a struggle not take place in this van but if one had there is far too much stuff in there not to have had some type of forensics left behind. Yet nothing was. No blood, no hair, no nothing.

    This van was stripped completely during the original search. The ONLY thing left in this van was the drivers seat. The original search took place on 3/29/86

    Then two weeks before the trial – four months after the original search – Officer Andre and Officer Paris went to search the van again because according to Paris Officer Andre had called a PSYCHIC and she told him to go back to the van and he would find something of Laura’s within 3 feet of the drivers seat.

    Keep in mind this was a completely EMPTY Van, Paris says he and Andre crawled around searching the van again and then he got out and was waiting on Andre to finish. While standing away from the door he says he spotted the earring HANGING FROM A SPEAKER WIRE (small stud earrings tend not to hang from anything).

    He (Paris) then claims he and Andre left and got a search warrant and came back and got the earring. This is NOT what was testified to in court though.

    However, Officer Walton claims he and Rhodes were called in on a Saturday – their day off – to search the van again and look for the earring. He states it was he and Rhodes that “immediately” found it BEHIND THE GAS PEDAL and he further states that Paris and Andre did not come along with them. He feels they were set up and used as patsies to find planted evidence. He went on to say Paris specifically told them to search the front portion of the van.

    When confronted with Officer Walton’s statement Paris said he wished it had been Walton and Rhodes that found it because he recalls thinking “how am I ever going to get anyone to believe that we just found this earring”.

    In both the grand jury hearing and the court case the testimony showed that Walton and Rhodes found the earring not Paris. Paris lied throughout this case and continued lying afterwards. That’s the problem with lying, people forget which lie they told and to whom.

    Typically cops working the same case share all the information with each other. That is how a case is built. It may be one small piece of information that ends up explaining or proving another piece of information. But in this investigation all the cops were left in the dark as to what all was known. Officer Walton stated that the only person who ever knew the big picture of the investigation and what was being “proven” was Paris. He stated that other Officers would be assigned small portions of the Investigation to go out and do things, however it was Paris who formulated whatever meaning he wanted to on what was found.

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