Jimmy Stanaway 1966-1990

Jimmy Stanaway 1966-1990. He was born on Dec 5 in 1966 and was killed in Jersey City (NJ) on Feb 2, 1990. Everyone knew his simply as “Jimmy.” This nickname was also his well known signature and is the feature on his headstone.

To this day, there are questions in this case that have never been answered. One of those questions concerns motive.

Why did Jimmy have to die? When he was found, expensive furniture, art works, and jewelry were still in the home as well as Jimmy’s wallet. Did Jimmy surprise a burglar who after killing Jimmy, ran off?

Another open question is how Jimmy died.

According to the paper, Jimmy was beaten to death but the buzz is that Jimmy was beaten and then stabbed to death. The knife used was probably from Jimmy’s own kitchen. However, it was never found.

As far as I know, nobody has ever been arrested for this murder.

Jimmy was the manager of a clothing store in Jersey City. He attended Woodbridge High School and graduated in 1984. He was young, had hopes and dreams. His friends like to know what really happened to Jimmy. If you knew Jimmy or, have any links to newspaper articles please contact me.

To be continued!


  1. Miriam Said says:

    My initial thoughts:

    This is a puzzling case. There seems to be very little information and seemingly no motive for this crime.

    I feel that there was more than one person who assaulted Jimmy and that robbery or burglary were not the reason he died.

    I also feel that there is a number of people who have information/know what happened to Jimmy and they are keeping silent as they are involved in some way.

    I am currently formulating three possible scenarios.

    1) Fred Paul, his alleged friend, is involved with others.

    2) Other residents in the apartment block are involved.

    3) A work colleague/s are involved.

    It feels to me like a long running grude situation came to a head and that Jimmy paid with his life.

    I feel that he was initially involved in a fist fight and was winning until another person stepped in and either stabbed Jimmy or took over the fight which would have exhausted him and left him unable to properly defend himself further.

    It could be that he was held by one or two other people while he was beaten.

    If this is the case, then where are the reports from the other apartment residents/immediate neighbours, about hearing noise or seeing unfamiliar faces visiting Jimmy. As he lived on the 3rd floor, I would have expected someone who lived there to have seen or heard something. This leads me to believe that the residents know something and are keeping tight lipped or they are the ones involved.

    There is something else unusual and has me placing Fred Paul as a prime.

    If I was the perp, I would have naturally entered and left Jimmy’s apartment via the front door and not via any available fire escape as that would be too exposed. so if the perp/s did leave by the front door of Jimmy’s apartment, they most likley would not have left the door wide open behind them unless they were in a hurry and someone who beats a person to death, has a lot of time to do so,, so why would they hurry out of the apartment after unless they did not mean for Jimmy to die.

    This also leads me to the unusual alleged time of Jimmy’s discovery…very early in the afternoon, which is strange at 13:30 p.m. on a Friday afternoon. It is even more strange a time when you consider Jimmy’s job, as he surley should have been at work that morning, so why was he found by a friend, Fred Paul and not a work colleague checking on him to see why he hadn’t turned up for work unless Jimmy had scheduled annual leave for this time period, then only a handful of people would be aware of his holiday from work.

    Consider that the apartment front door was closed by the perp/s when they left, how did Fred Paul get access to the apartment to find Jimmy’s body unless the apartment door was left open by the perp/s when they left, which would be highly unusual, because one of the redsidents would have noticed someone leaving in a hurry if this was so.

    This also leads me to the possible involvment of someone who lived in the apartment building. Three floors up in an apartment and someone had to have seen or heard something unusual as you cannot leave from a 3rd floor apartment quickly even by a fire escape, you would be noticed. So what do/did the residents know?

    Because of this, it is reasonable to ascertain that a work colleague of Jimmy was not involved and leads me to focus mostly on Fred Paul or a resident of the apartment building being involved in some way.

    Why was Fred Paul there on a Friday afternoon and what was his reason for being there?

    Those are my thoughts so far from the scant information we have at present.

  2. Jimmy was my best friend growing up, the real deal, two artistic oddball kids who had so much in common and had the good fortune to find each other. Jimmy was a GREAT person, brought a wacky joy and playfulness to life, and deserves more than to be a cold case. He is never forgotten and 22 years later is spoken of every day. For every cold case there are many wounded hearts missing their loved one

  3. Thanks kvetter for commenting. I hope we will be able to shed some light on his case.

  4. My comment i posted did not show. I think the case was under-investigated and a lot of questions remain unanswered.

    Why was Fred there in the afternoon? Did he not have a job? How did he get in the place?

    There would have been finger prints on the fire escape! If there was a fight, there should have been evidence of self defense! With all the technology out there something should be found!

    Again it was a case that was under-investigated and should be brought back to attention!

  5. Thank you for commenting. All comments are moderated so no, none will show up automatically. I refer to my FAQ page here http://www.defrostingcoldcases.com/faq/

    As for the case being under-investigated? I agree!

  6. @ Miriam Said: Hi, I am Jimmy’s niece. How did you know him if you don’t mind?

  7. @Dana

    Hello Dana.

    I have never met Jimmy and never knew him as I have lived in the UK all of my life. I am just someone who cares and tries to help Vidocq solve cold cases.

    As my Birthday is February 2nd, I felt a strong connection with Jimmy’s case and would like to see it solved.

    I hope that Jimmy’s case will be solved and soon.


  8. clearly Hudson county needs to be investigated. this crime is being swept under the carpet for some reason or other.

  9. during investigation a guy that said he was never in Jimmy’s house however, I believe DNA found belong to this person. but timing cannot be proven? not good enough for me. I think the DA should probably get involved with this case and will eventually. Hudson county Prosecutor laughs at me, has hung up on me, and will not return my calls.

    RIP Jimmy
    Your Sister,


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