January 1, 2011

January 1, 2011. I raise my glass to possibilities! We have an exciting year ahead of us.

For the first time in history, the Zeigler case will be open to students from Penn State CSI and I look forward to hearing their discussions. This collaboration between Penn State CSI, Defrosting Cold Cases, and the Zeigler legal defense team is exclusive and unique!

The students in this program will get access to crime scene photographs, police reports, witness statements and more to apply everything they have learned in class in a real case. The students will be able to explore bloodstain patterns observed in the crime scene photographs to see whether they can apply their knowledge in estimating the position of the shooter(s). They will also be able to explore the existing DNA reports. From witness statements, they will be able to make time lines and even trace the route people claimed they took by checking old maps and Google maps.

Mr. Zeigler wishes the students well and looks forward to hearing their opinions.

2011 will also be a year in which we can expect groundbreaking verdicts and decisions. Judge Nazarro will give us his decision in the habeas hearing of Richard Lapointe. Hopefully we will get more clarity in the cases of Cameron Todd Willingham and Hank Skinner. But most eagerly, I await the DNA hearing in the case of William Thomas Zeigler.

Right before Christmas, we finally got answers in the case of Mike Silcock. Pc Mike Silcock died when he was hit by a car in Heaton Mersey, Stockport, UK, while off duty on March 6, 2009. Stephen Benson pleaded guilty to causing death by careless driving.

CHaron QC has an excellent start of 2011. Not only has he been awarded a Clawbie, he has started his own ”Blogging and drinking for Big Society” awards! I got one too. Charon’s blog is informative in a thought provoking way only Charon can do. His art and postcards are a must see and read!

As for me, I have had a fantastic year on the Internet! DCC has a following I did not expect to gain after a little over one year. DCC went online November 24, 2009.

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The most popular five posts and pages were besides the home page: “We don’t Scrooge around here“, the cases page, the post about the Canadian cold case of Sharron Prior, and last the page about “cold case investigations.”

In 2011, you will see more collaboration with Penn State CSI and Joe Giacalone. Joe‘s book “The Criminal Investigative Function: A Guide for New Investigators” is now available via Amazon.com. I will be posting my book review of Joe’s book later on this month. We will also be reviewing more cold cases together again. Check Joe’s website for updates and of course, back here at DCC to see on what case we are working.

On January 5th, I will resume the popular series “Vidocq presents…!” We start 2011 by interviewing a lady who is the CEO of the market leading supplier of software to in-house legal teams in UK local government, police and corporate entities. The series will be posted every two weeks and I have very interesting guests lined up! My other series “Sum it up!” will resume next week.

I hope that 2011 will be a fantastic year for all of us. Make it a memorable one!


P.S.: DCC’s theme will change in the coming days…be patient while Clouseau tweaks that theme manually to perfection and do leave feedback via the contact page.


  1. Hi
    Happy new Year. I like what your doing to your blog. Its looking
    good. Very easy to navigate and so much information. I may just make
    some tea and stay here for a while reading even more.

    A big thankyou for all you do for these cases.

    Michelle Hynes-Mcilroy

  2. Thanks Michelle, and a very Happy 2011 to you and the girls.

    Clouseau is working hard to make it perfect and I am sure that he appreciates your comment. The reason to change themes was to make the navigation easier. The previous theme had limitations and this one gives the readers many options to search by name, category, month, later on by year, etc.

    Thanks for the feedback and I look forward to reading your blog in 2011! Cheers, Vidster

  3. Ros And Paul says:

    Hi Vidocq – and every reader who has visited or commented on this
    excellent site.

    Eleven years ago my husband and I were introduced to Phillip Finch’s
    book ‘Fatal Flaw’…which we read with growing amazement and
    concern! We have become faithful supporters of Tommy Zeigler ever

    Having followed this case in detail, it came as no surprise that the
    2002 DNA test results were consistent with the version of crime scene
    events Tommy has unwaveringly adhered to throughout his 35 years on
    Death Row.

    But for the duration, Tommy’s pleas of innocence have been largely
    unheeded because the public have never been fully and clearly
    presented with the facts of the case. Frequently during Press
    interviews, Tommy’s opponents have been allowed to launch wild,
    unsubstantiated claims which reporters have left unchallenged rather
    than querying with the factual evidence to which they have had full
    access. A typical example of such reporting is the final
    quote…seemingly flippantly tossed… in to conclude a recent article
    on this case:

    ….”There’s nothing in this blood evidence that refutes that at all,”
    Ashton argued. “Nothing.”

    Hopefully future Press articles will be “summed up” with
    constructive comments that are substantiated, well researched facts!
    Every claim refuting Tommy’s guilt can be solidly backed by
    evidence…and shouldn’t be counteracted with a load of hot air!

    It would be commendable if a local Newspaper would dare to print the
    details of this case in regular instalments…..in the same manner as
    the information meticulously researched and presented for this site.

    Surely public pressure would dictate that Tommy was finally granted a
    completely fair trial! A trial where no evidence was buried or
    suppressed… and every witness was granted the right to share their
    testimony. Wouldn’t that make a change!

    I have just been listening to a very recent, unabridged interview
    recording with Tommy and an interviewer from a local paper. Tommy
    cannot be tricked or trapped – because the facts of his case speak
    out for him. When interrogated, he calmly refers to details within the
    increasing mound of evidence that supports his innocence. Throughout
    this interview his integrity shines!

  4. Dear Ros and Paul,

    First of all, Happy New Year and all the best for 2011!

    Thank you for the compliment and yes, a series with all evidence in full would be great but what paper has the courage to do that? I am posting all evidence that was not handed over during discovery in hopes that people will see that Mr. Zeigler never had a fair trial.

    Keep reading, Vidster

  5. Thank you Michelle, thank you Ros & Paul,

    Best wishes.

    Glad you like it here – both the looks/navigation and content!

    Any help is welcome – when Vidster came to me with his dilemma (having all that information but not knowing how to disclose it), I decided to help him out – now reading his articles (ok, most of them, as I sometimes think he is 2 guys writing day & night), esp. the Zeigler case leaves a sour taste and ticks me off – I’m no lawyer, I don’t know the case back and forth, but this just is not right.

    Everyone deserves a fair trial (we even do so with drug-criminals and pedophiles?), yet there are so many questions unanswered – and the answered ones actually raise new questions – that this case merits a full investigation. Resulting in a trial (and verdict) that all parties can accept as fair and just… NASA was able to start and retire the complete Shuttle program within 30 years, but the State of Florida can not close this single case?

    I hope this site (and my tinkering) helps creating awareness – as I’m convinced that constant attention sooner or later will result in authorities being forced to (finally) act in a decent way.

    So yes, we keep going!

  6. Me, myself, and I thank you, Jacques!

    We actually work in shifts to make sure one of us is always online to bother you!!!

  7. Ros and Paul says:

    @ Vidocq:
    I forgot to mention that Paul and I are from New Zealand. Over here we have no death penalty – and a life sentence almost always has an expiry date! Our leading papers are by no means perfect – but they do generally report major crime cases fairly. The general aim of the press in such cases is to expose the truth!

    Back in the 1960’s, the NZ public generally trusted in police integrity implicitly. But in the 70’s, scientific expertise exposed police corruption in the case against Arthur Alan Thomas…then serving a life sentence for the murder of Jeanette and Harvey Crewe. The dedicated work of the forensic scientist – teamed with accurate, compelling press coverage – brought enough publicity to re-examine this case…resulting in Thomas being pardoned. This is one of a few notorious cases in NZ where the press have been actively involved in vindicating an innocent man. (The Crewe case is mentioned on your site.)

    Ultimately, corruption shames all who are dragged into its net – but those who labour to expose the truth are honoured! Not presenting the whole truth…or selective editing to create a biased slant…is most certainly corruption! When Tommy Zeigler is eventually exonerated, some who could have been a positive influence in instigating his freedom will undoubtedly be shamed!

    Because your site is so clearly written and user friendly, it is now considerably easier for us to interest friends throughout New Zealand in Tommy’s plight…..

    A very big thank you for what you are doing!

    Ros & Paul

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