UPDATED: Interesting web find re Sharron Prior

UPDATED: Interesting web find re Sharron Prior. An interesting web find and I could use your help to figure out what it really means:

What ever happened to mike french. he was cut up into little pieces for raping sharron prior.She was the daughter of one of his decieced brothers.Mike and his buddy ,we all know who that is lured sharron in the car,she thought because they were her dads friends it would be ok.Sad to say she was wrong they raped an tourchered her for three days, then killed her .Mike was dismembered while he was alive .his body parts were buried all over the city.I guess they shouldnt have braged about what they did.The two of them are a disgrace to are gender,and be sure theyre names are spoken in shame.”

The thread is here. As you can see in the thread, Sharron’s mother comments as well.

UPDATE from Yvonne Prior, Sharron’s mother:

Hello Vidocq & Joe,

In answer of  the interesting webfind August/21/2011 “What ever happened to Mike French” I have known about that article for a few years now and must say that I was quite shocked when I first read it. Mike French was the number one suspect in the attack on the other women (Cheryl Roy) just before my daughter Sharron was abducted. He was picked up by the detectives, questioned and put in a line up. But Cheryl could not positively identify him so they had to let him go so they moved on to other suspects.

I do know that Mike French was murdered some time in the mid eighties. His body was found at an Indian reservation on the South shore of Montreal. His body parts were not cut up in little pieces and buried all over Montreal.

Mike French was a member of one of the bike gangs (not to sure which one). My EX-husband did not know Mike French, I did not know Mike French. My Ex lived in Vancouver in 1975. He and my father-in-law and mother-in-law could not get to Montreal for Sharron’s funeral as all planes were grounded because of a big snow storm in Vancouver.

In 2004, when our detectives opened my daughter’s case on a lead which turned out to be a false lead, they decided to look into the Mike French case again as this time DNA could be checked.  Being Mike French was murdered and was an unsolved case they still had his DNA at the lab. But the results were inconclusive.

As for the interesting webfind, I have no idea why anyone would write such horrible lies on a site regarding my daughter. I did look into the site and was trying to find out who wrote this, someone wrote back and said look for PAPA PETE site but cannot find it.

Thank you so much for your interest in my daughter Sharron’s case.

Mrs. Yvonne Prior

Rest assured that we will be looking as well, Mrs. Prior.

To be continued!


  1. Is Mike French’s DNA on file? Does anyone know?

  2. I found the thread and it appears “papapete” posted again on September 19, 2011. I thought you may already be aware of this update, but wanted to let you know if not. Thanks.

  3. Much appreciated, Regina, but without any more concrete information this is not going anywhere. I gather you saw Sharron’s mom’s thoughts about this too, right?

  4. @ Vidocq:
    I apologize, yes I defintely did. The information wasn’t meant to be upsetting, so I hope it was not taken in that vein. In her response, I saw that she had looked for “papa pete” and I saw the recent post.

    I completley agree with you. Thank you all for your continued hard work on this. I hope the family can finally get the answers they deserve.

  5. @Regina: no apology necessary. It is a very frustrating case because I do believe it is solvable.

    Should you find information or newspaper articles on yet on my blog, please feel free to forward it to me.

    Thanks for your support, V.

  6. @ Vidocq:
    I agree, I do believe the case is solvable. And I will definetely do so. Good luck.

  7. On September 18, 2011, “Papapete” also posted the following in response to Michael French.

    “I know why your interested in mike ? who was his acc. in the rape….heres a clue .riddle me this riddle me that who went to tialand with barney but only he came back?I figure he confess what he did with mike over there to barney,next day came to his sences and realized he was fucked.So barney had an acc. To bad everyone believed the pieace of shit…I sure every night he goes to bed wondering when will the truth come out.REMEMBER YOU FUCKING MIGGET.Every dog has its day.Yours is finally comming.Why now because its been nice to see you squirm like the snake you are..When you read this richie,wake the fuck up.”

    Who is this Papapete and is this for real or a cruel hoax? Why the riddle? This is not a game, this is real. He makes reference to Mike French having an accompliance named Barney and that they went to Thailand together and only one came back? Who is Ritchie? was Barney his moniker? I think the police need to track down who this Papapete is and pay him a little visit.

  8. Hi Heather,

    I saw and did forward it to police but they never responded to any of my emails including the ones where Joe and I post our take on the case. Either they look at it and never acknowledge that or, they just ignore the messages from civilians.

    Cheers, V

  9. An interesting find on another website regarding Mike French. You’ve probably already seen this, but in case you have not. Scroll down a few posts and you will come across it.


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