In Loving memory: Jimmy Stanaway

newspaper clipping about the murder of Jimmy StanawayIn Loving memory: Jimmy Stanaway. Twenty-three years ago today, Jimmy Stanaway died after a brutal attack on his life. His case was never solved and it is colder than cold today. Nobody is looking for his murderer and the family has lost hope that they will ever find out the truth.

Of course, we understand that current cases always have priority for law enforcement and the prosecution. But a certain sensitivity for murder victims’ family members should be there.

Can you imagine the pain of losing a child or sibling to murder without ever knowing why? And to make matters worse, to know that his killer is still not caught and out there enjoying life?

Amongst the most prominent questions is foremost the motive for this crime. Why did Jimmy have to die? When he was found, expensive furniture, art works, and jewelry were still in the home as well as Jimmy’s wallet. Did Jimmy surprise a burglar who after killing Jimmy, ran off?

There is also a dispute about how Jimmy was murdered: beaten to death or stabbed or both.

If you knew Jimmy Stanaway, please leave some memories in the comment box. It will comfort the family to know that he has not been forgotten.

R.I.P Jimmy


  1. Dana Kovacs Calabrese says:

    I am the niece of Jimmy and want this case solved. No one deserves this.

  2. Dana Kovacs Calabrese says:

    Miss my uncle so much that when I read this article all I can do is cry. Why was he taken this way? Why is it not solved? I would like this case solved for closure and hope to be able to look the person who did this in the face and just ask why. Closure is what me and my family needs.

  3. Dear Dana,

    First, my deepest sympathy. Thank you for commenting. I too hope that this case will be solved. The only chance we have is to keep Jimmy’s name on the Internet and to make sure that his case keeps popping up in Internet searches.

    I sincerely hope that one day someone will have the courage to tell the truth. There are too many open questions and as people who commented on the first post stated, this case was not well investigated.

    My best, V

  4. April Reynolds says:

    Dear Dana and family,

    I know there are no words that can ease the pain of losing Jimmy in such a way and no amount of time takes it away . I have never forgotten him, and I actually visited his gravesite with my son recently. There was a beautiful wreath so I know someone had been there recently and I was glad about that. My dad is buried in the same cemetery and I frequently visit and say prayers at each of their graves. He was a good friend and I just wanted you to know I love him, have never forgotten about him and I wish him Happy Birthday still every year.

    God Bless You and your family.

  5. Dana Kovacs says:

    Another year has gone by with no answers. We all miss you

  6. I am so sorry, Dana.

  7. @ Dana Kovacs: I spent Sunday morning contacting local papers to pick up the trail. Awaiting response from two editors. Dana, can I have them contact you?

  8. Matt Kovacs says:

    I’m gonna put it like this! Jimmy is my uncle and I would love for this to be resolved! Here’s the problem nobody has the courage to step forward and talk for starters! Secondly all the technology in the world and they can’t find something yeah ok the way it went down doesn’t even add up! It seems to me as if it was a cold case for so long they swept it under the rug or someone is hiding something! It’s unfair the way this is being handled! If anyone has any questions they can contact me!

  9. Thank you, Matt. I agree that your uncle’s case should get a thorough review. That’s why it is so important that true crime bloggers keep his case alive online. One day it will reach the right person.

  10. kvetter says:
  11. Matt Kovacs says:

    @ Alice: Hopefully it will sooner then later. This happened when I was a young boy and to be honest from what I was told by my grandmother (aka jimmy’s mother) before she passed, the way he was murdered did not add up for the detectives not to find something! I would love to know who did this! People know they just won’t talk!

  12. Thanks for the link, Kelly.

  13. Matt Kovacs says:

    @ kvetter: That’s very nice of you! We need all the help we can get! Our family still wonders everyday!

  14. @ Matt Kovacs: Jimmy was a true blue friend and was loyal to me when others weren’t and I will always love him for that. Your grandmother Elaine was a sweetheart to me as well, and I remember Darlene taking us to Keansburg and other fun trips. Never give up hope. I believe someone in his circle knows something too. The reporter made a few small errors but I am grateful he ran the story and he promised he would continue to try to follow up and keep in touch. As Jimmy would say, “xo”

  15. Matt Kovacs says:

    @ kvetter: Thank you very much, we will never give up and I also appreciate the effort of you and also the reporter for putting it out there and hopefully we will get some answers! Thank you again, Kelly!

  16. Dana Kovacs says:

    @ kvetter: thank you for the link. When speaking of you my family does not remember you, has your last name changed?

  17. kvetter says:

    @ Dana Kovacs: Yes, the family surname was Williams. Jimmy and I met in 4th grade in Mrs. Edelsteins class at Ross st.

  18. Dana Kovacs says:

    @ kvetter: I believe you can contact my brother as well as myself. We are very determined to end this mystery as well as get all involved to get this solved.

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