Happy Birthday DCC!

ChampagneHappy Birthday DCC! Today, Feb 24, 2010, my blog is three months old with more than 100 posts and more than 100 followers on Twitter! According to Statcounter, DCC has been viewed more than 4700 times! PARTY!

None of this would have been possible without the support of my friends!

I wish to thank my friends in the law enforcement community for their trust and faith in me, and for their everlasting friendship. I never imagined this could be possible but some of my dearest friends are cops and they actually did stay in touch over the years. We respect each others views and have never had reason to doubt each others integrity. You know who you are! I will not mention you here. Confidentiality is part of our relationship and rightfully so. Some progress would not have been made without it!

Aside from my old friends, the cops, I wish to thank a few of my new friends on Twitter. Yes, I have a Twitter account where I announce new posts, retweet information from my friends, harass fellow lawyers, and of course, engage in a lot of banter.

Thank you for tweeting with me (in no particular order): @benjaminfgray, @Domcdsouza, @Charonqc, @Dravin1978, @fguyinc, @iowacoldcases, @little_lawyer , @brsinclair, @R9Media, @GyrRaven, @CanUIdentifyMe, @Emma_Dale, @Yogini, @Tom_Marzipan and @SRussellWrites!

Thanks for the collaborations @CanUIdentifyMe, @Iowacoldcases, and @fguyinc!

Last but not least, a huge THANK YOU should go to my partner in crime. If you scroll down my website you’ll see the link. Now don’t be fooled because the last post was from 2009, this man is busy! A chance encounter on LinkedIn before I was so unceremoniously kicked off for being anonymous!

I had started a blog and of course, failed miserably. Then something crashed and I thought all was lost. Jacques Soudan happened to sail by when I was complaining, contacted me, and offered to see whether the blog could be saved. That was three months ago, people, and look where we are now! Jacques Soudan has been in charge of the technical elements of this site ever since. I wholeheartedly recommend working with him!

More cases will be posted soon and should you have recommendations, comments, or you know of a case that should be on DCC, contact me!

Yours, Vidocq