The Oberst Family Murders

Owen Oberst and siblings, courtesy Constitution Tribune

The Oberst Family Murders happened in 1928, Kansas. Introducing us to the case is guest blogger Sue Baillie. ** Researching my family history took me to Tremont Township, Illinois, 1860 where my Greta-Great-Great uncle Jesse Chainey settled with his family after travelling from Kent, UK. As this branch of my family was now overseas I hadn’t […]

Case of the Month: Fiona Burns and John Lee

John Lee and Fiona Burns, Photography provided by Crime Stoppers, Grid by AdS

Case of the Month: Fiona Burns and John Lee is written by guest blogger and Australian journalist/author Emily Webb. ** They were young and rebellious and living a life of what they thought was freedom. John Lee (14) and Fiona Burns (15) were hitchhiking across the South Australian-Victorian border when they met a violent end […]

SF Chronicle posts Suzanne Bombardier’s story

Suzanne Bombardier

SF Chronicle posts Suzanne Bombardier‘s story that was written by guest blogger Jennifer Gibbons for DCC. Suzie’s story was Case of the Month in June 2014. In 2013, Jennifer was visiting her grandparents’ grave. She saw Suzie’s headstone and was curious. Suzie died one month before her grandmother. On Friday June 27, 1980, the nude body of […]

The Cold Case of Alexander Harris


The Cold Case of Alexander Harris is a guest blog post that I wrote for the brand new site of St. Jane Communications. St. Jane Communications is the brain child of Phil Murillas and I am honoured to kick off his content section. I will add this child’s case to my cold case database with of course, […]

A 19th Century Coffin revolutionized 20th Century Forensic Science

Strange Remains avatar from Dolly Stolze

A 19th Century Coffin revolutionized 20th Century Forensic Science is a guest blog post by Dolly Stolze. Dolly is a writer and has a Masters in Forensic Anthropology from California State University, Los Angeles. Though her first love is Forensic Anthropology, she also enjoys writing about macabre history and the weird things that happen to human remains. […]