Wet-Vacuum Forensic DNA Collection Continues to Gain Support

m-vac system

Wet-Vacuum Forensic DNA Collection Gaining Momentum, a guest post by Jared Bradley. Scientific related industries have been my focus the majority of my adult life. In all that time, I don’t remember a device, product, service or method that has garnered more support in a shorter amount of time than the M-Vac System, with the […]

Guest blog post: Adam Banner on favorite legal films

Adam Banner

Guest blog post: Adam Banner on favorite legal films and why he loves them. Adam is a criminal defense attorney. We recently got into a discussion about online behaviour. He mentioned that he and his staff blog as well. Their current challenge: to find the best legal films. __________________________ If there is one thing lawyers […]

Interview on Psycholinguistics with Pete Klismet

Pete Klismet

Psycholinguistics Pete, a couple of weeks ago when we were chatting, I asked you if profiles could be done on a person’s writing. You surprised me with your answer. Can you tell me and my readers a little more about what you said and why you said it? Well, my quick answer was ‘yes.’ I […]

Guest Post: Pete Klismet on preventing school shootings

Pete Klismet

Guest Post: Pete Klismet on preventing school shootings. Please welcome Pete as the first guest blogger for 2014. Pete is a retired FBI profiler and a consulting member for the American Investigative Society Of Cold Cases (AISOCC). He is the author of FBI Diary; Profiles of Evil. Pete is active in many crime prevention related […]

WorldSkills: Inspiring the Next Generation

Sue Carney

WorldSkills: Inspiring the Next Generation, a guest post by Sue Carney! Last week I took part in an event that proved to have massive impact, not only on me, but on the others taking part, the organisers and all those observing, and there were about 100 thousand of them. My involvement began in the cells […]