What are the costs of touch DNA testing?

Jared Bradley, President M-Vac Systems

What are the costs of touch DNA testing? That is what I asked Jared Bradley, President of M-Vac Systems. For many police departments and for victim family members, this is an area where few straight answers are given hence this guest blog post by Jared. ____________________________________ When More Expensive Costs Less By Jared Bradley, President M-Vac […]

Book Review: Deborah Cadbury’s “Lost King of France”

The Dauphin: Louis Charles of France

Book Review: Deborah Cadbury‘s “Lost King of France” combines my passion for historical mysteries, cold cases, and forensics. My interest was peaked after watching the movie “the Scarlet Pimpernel” with Anthony Andrews and Jane Seymour. I had read the book by Baroness Emmuska Orczy but found it tedious and much less amusing than the movie. My attraction […]

Cold Case Flipboard

cold case flip board

My friends at M-Vac Systems have made a flipboard of cold cases, check here. The M-Vac System enables investigators to solve more crime through better DNA collection. It helps detectives and crime scene investigators close difficult open and cold cases.  For example, the M-Vac found probative DNA on a cold case victim’s water soaked clothing, […]

Interesting details in the Amy Mihaljevic case

Amy Mihaljevic

Interesting details in the Amy Mihaljevic case found after reading the post on the AISOCC’s blog. The case details in that post made me search online for more details and I found a few that are interesting. Maybe they have been addressed in other articles that I did not see. If so, let me know. […]

Suspect in Branagan cold case!

Moira Holly Branagan

Suspect in Branagan cold case! When I checked StatCounter I saw that many people had look up the Moira Holly Branagan case. I asked on Twitter whether there was anything new I might have missed … and YES! @Vidocq_CC Might be due to the article published in Allentown’s Morning Call newspaper on Sunday: http://t.co/MdfLGcphvN — […]