Cops, crooks, and 3D printers

Get used to the word combination” Cops, crooks, and 3D printers” because it is a thing. Lorenzo Simon can tell you all about it. He thought that he could get away with murdering his housemate Michael Spalding by chopping his body in pieces and burning some of Spalding’s bones. However, it is 2015 and Simon […]

Lapointe’s wrongful conviction

Bernice Martin

Lapointe‘s wrongful conviction brings back Martin’s cold case because if we take Lapointe out of the equation we are left with no answers. Who killed Bernice Martin? The decision The decision to grant a new trial is here (RICHARD LAPOINTE v. COMMISSIONER OF CORRECTION). A few quotes: “On appeal, the petitioner claims that the court improperly rejected his […]

Case of the Month: Forensic arson detection


Case of the Month: Forensic arson detection and its role in wrongful convictions feature in April. Cameron Todd Willingham In 2004, Cameron Todd Willingham was executed by the state of Texas for the 1991 fire that killed his three daughters: Amber (2) and the 1-year-old twins Karmon and Kameron. The prosecution argued that the fire […]

The M-Vac System

m-vac system

The M-Vac System is a wet-vacuum based forensic DNA collection device that is helping investigators solve more crime. It has been used on dozens of cases and has produced DNA profiles many times when traditional methods such as swabbing and cutting have failed to produce viable results. It is ideal for touch DNA scenarios, and can […]

A 19th Century Coffin revolutionized 20th Century Forensic Science

Strange Remains avatar from Dolly Stolze

A 19th Century Coffin revolutionized 20th Century Forensic Science is a guest blog post by Dolly Stolze. Dolly is a writer and has a Masters in Forensic Anthropology from California State University, Los Angeles. Though her first love is Forensic Anthropology, she also enjoys writing about macabre history and the weird things that happen to human remains. […]