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Written by me… gives you an overview of my ebooks on SmashWords.

1: “Zeigler, through Vidster’s eyes” is a collection of all the blog posts that I wrote about the 1975 quadruple capital punishment case of William Thomas Zeigler. It is written under my pen name Nic H. Vidocq.

I sincerely believe that this man never had a fair trial. Most likely, we have an innocent man on death row for quadruple murders that others committed decades ago. The updated version of this eBook is available for free on SmashWords. The first version was posted with Barnes & Noble. You can read some comments that I received for that version here.

Flash Fiction and Short Stories 2014 Cover by AdS

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2: “Flash Fiction and Short Stories” show you what happens when I hear the sound of a soccer ball. It became the inspiration for “He told the cops on her”. This is how the story starts:

He told me honestly that what he disliked most was to be continuously on edge. The slightest provocation would set her off. And, it need not even be a provocation. It could be the news, a magazine article, her soap opera ending, her hair. Anything.

He vowed he would never hit her, never return the violence, never file a report. Until the day he saw her hurt their baby. She had wanted an abortion from the start but then she changed her mind. He had his doubts but she softened so much after she saw the sonograms. She lightened up, became much less violent, less outbursts, and started to enjoy life. She had a smile on her face, became calm, and happy. Or so it seemed.”

Graffiti inspired “It was a long time ago, really.” An excerpt: “I tried to tell the staff what was going on but they claimed it was my overactive imagination. I do have a good imagination. I am super at making up stories or giving twists to books. Or rewriting the ending of books. Or day dreaming. I love day dreaming. But I didn’t make this one up. I saw it and as nobody would believe me I wrote it on the wall. That someone wanted to kill me. Still nobody took me serious. I doubt that people even saw my sign.”

"The Substitute Lead Singer" by Crookshanks Art for AdS

“The Substitute Lead Singer” by Crookshanks Art for AdS

Also in this e-book is the complete (long) short story “The Substitute Lead Singer” that is serialized on my blog “Your Blog Coach.” It is the story of a band’s front man who needs to take a leave of absence, a Chief of Police who made a fatal mistake, their worst nightmares, and the inheritance that set evil into motion.

This e-book premiers the short story “Unhinged” which was inspired by a screw.

"The Second Mistress" by Crookshanks Art for AdS

“The Second Mistress” by Crookshanks Art for AdS

3: I am working on a novel that will take shape during NaNoWriMo 2014. I will be working on the set up, scene, plot development, and more during the month of November.

Working title?

The Second Mistress.”

Inspiration? This line: “The mistress always thinks she’s more clever than the wife. But is she is so clever why is she just the mistress?

Sue Ellen Ewing, Dallas,
Season 9, 1985,
Episode “Close Encounters”

Stay tuned!

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