DNA does not solve 1984 murder of Vickie Long

Vickie Long

DNA does not solve the 1984 murder of Vickie Long. Todd Campbell, who was arrested for her murder was acquitted.

During the investigation, DNA from the victim’s clothing was entered into CODIS – the Combined DNA Index System, which stores DNA profiles from convicted offenders, unsolved crimes and missing people. In October 2009, Campbell had to provide a DNA sample when he was convicted of growing marijuana.

In December 2009, a CODIS hit led Palm Beach deputies to Todd Campbell, 49, as a suspect. Campbell was interviewed and denied knowing the victim. He gave another DNA sample and it verified the CODIS hit.”

However, in July 2012, a jury acquitted Todd Campbell. From News Channel Five: “Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office deputies arrested Campbell for Vickie Long’s murder after his DNA was entered into an FBI database in 2009, when authorities in Lee County arrested him on a marijuana possession charge, records show.

Long disappeared the morning of Sept. 10, 1984. A Sheriff’s Office helicopter discovered the 27-year-old’s body in a wooded area in unincorporated Jupiter after her boyfriend, Don Ingels, reported that she did not return from taking her two Rhodesian Ridgebacks for their usual morning run nearby, according to an arrest report by the Sheriff’s Office. Deputies discovered Long’s body clothed in her jogging shorts and top, with grass, semen and signs of assault on her clothing and her vaginal and anal areas, the arrest report said. Without DNA technology, the case went cold until 2009, when Campbell’s DNA profile matched that of semen found on Long’s panties in 1984.

Campbell explained the presence of his DNA when he testified on Friday that he and Long had consensual sexual encounters at his home. Ingels, who had a black belt in martial arts, was upset that his girlfriend was not ready to marry him and may have had motive to kill Long. Ingels also changed his story about the morning of Long’s death, Palm Beach County Assistant Public Defender Elizabeth Ramsey said. At one point, Ingels told police that Long’s dogs walked home on their own; at another point, he said he brought them back from where he found them near Long’s abandoned car.”

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  1. After watching this murder on ID. I asked myself why haven’t they looked at how she laying in the field as if posed. Posed in the same fashion that Bruce Mendenhall a truck driver serial killer posed his weman over his 30 year rain to finally getting caught in 2007.

  2. An interesting observation! For those not familiar with Bruce Mendenhall, see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bruce_Mendenhall

  3. If this man claims that he slept with her the very night right before she was murdered, then why was his DNA on her underwear? is he suggesting that the next morning when she woke up she did not take a shower and did not change that underwear (with his DNA on it) and put on new underwear? is it just me or am I the only one who changes my underwear every morning? especially if there was sex the night before, if I went into someones window to sleep with them and engange in that activity then come back to my own home, I would change and take a shower as soon as I got home with brand new clothes or underwear on. Doesn’t make any sense that they found underwear on this woman which was from the night before the murder and has his DNA on it.

    If they really had sexual relations then how come none of the neighbors even saw them talking together? meeting together? ect.. and how come he claims he had sexual relations with her after the fact that he is convicted of her murder? how come he claims to have watched the news all the time and not see anything about her murder when it was the biggest thing on the news at that time? how come he denied even knowing her? Is the jury a bunch of idiots? or are they just retarted, I believe 100% that they are either one or the other cause this is stuff that is common sense to figure out, im sorry.

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