Death on Hold: Zeigler

Death on Hold: Zeigler. In this documentary you can see the trial and appeals in the case of William Thomas Zeigler. It explains why for the past 37 years, we have been trying to show you that he never had a fair trial. Judge for yourself whether there is room for doubt.

Mr. Zeigler has been on death row for the 1975 quadruple murders that took place on Christmas Eve inside his family’s furniture store in Wintergarden, Florida.

Mr. Zeigler waits for the day that someone in authority has the guts to rip open his case and expose it for what it was: a frame up in which he was supposed to die as well. I hope that day comes soon.


  1. […] was that Mrs. Zeigler’s body remained undisturbed after she was shot. The position of her left hand in her left coat pocket was the sole basis for that theory. We now know that her hand was placed in her left pocket to hide […]