Branagan Alert

The Grand Jury is making progress in the cold case of Moira Holly Branagan! New material have been sent to the labs to be examined for DNA, and a report is expected at the end of the month!

Stay tuned!



  1. Frediano says:

    Stay tuned?


    And, after now 33 years, few people are curious why.

    The giant PR parade of two years ago, with the big “Holly Branagan” float at the beginning, has faded out of site, no longer even mentioned.

    A ton of potentially embarrassing questions not only barely asked, but for sure, not answered–even with up to 50 witnesses dragged in front of the GJ.

    As in, why some potentially embarrassing scenarios involving probable confidential drug informants were left largely uninvestigated, like the plague.

    A final head fake–a safe look through all those freshly scrubbed faces in the Freedom HS yearbook– to safely bury the embarrassment of what the twentysomethings in North Bethlehem were up to, and who they were working for when they were up to it?

  2. You are right, the flame died again. I feel very bad for Mr. Branagan because it might have been the last PR parade in his life time.

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